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All music on Royalty Free Music is a great solution for your YouTube videos and other social marketing sites. All tracks are royalty free and cleared for use. Below are just some of the best of the best to browse through.


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Playful & Comedy

Drums and bass make a fun-loving couple on Playful & Comedy , royalty free movie music that also works great as website music or for any multimedia project. These good-humored tracks are an important addition to any production music library .

Funk & Attitude

Groove and moxie come together in this download stock music collection of production music tracks, perfect for any project needing an urban and contemporary feel. Plenty of bass, drums and cockiness make for snarling tempos and funkalicious moves, just the background for your street-edge film, video or multimedia project.

Rock & Extreme

Whether you're working on a bar scene, a street scene or just need to create some bad attitude with your background music, check out Rock & Extreme , royalty free production music tracks from blues-rock to hard rock, done entirely with drums and electric bass. This download stock music is ready to be added to your production music library.

Drama, World, & Light

Have a project about a detective or spy? Check out the stand-up bass and drums on this smooth collection of royalty free music for film that recalls the best in well-dressed and low-keyed retro action. Get your black turtle-neck on and settle in for an album of TV themes to creep to.

Urban & Dance

Create an unforgettable groove for your film, video, website or dance event with Urban & Dance , a collection of royalty free dance music that includes tracks of techno, eletronica, trance and house music. Your listeners won't be able to stop moving to this high-quality stock music.


This collection of monster rockers is perfect video game music or music for sports . You won't find a more aggressive and powerful album of royalty free stock music for your multimedia needs. Pump up the volume and the adrenalin with tracks like "Anger Management" and "Rusted Skin".

Dark, Dramatic & Angry

As you might guess, there is nothing nice about this album of royalty free music for film . It contains the kind of tunes that nightmares are made of and is perfect production music for any project that needs to conjure a bad trip, an extremely haunted house or your teenage brother's room. It's a power-packed collection of macabre, dangerous rock.

Nuclear Blues

If your project has a badass attitude, check out Nuclear Blues , a collection of royalty free rock music that is perfect production music for any film or video looking to conjure the snarl of blues rock and its hard-living vibe.


Techno and synth elements blend with live guitars to create a textured collection of electronica production music on Guitronica . A wide variety of tracks, from aggro to hypnotic, create endless possibilities for background music.

Atomic Pop

You get every persuasion of upbeat rock in this retail music collection: pop-punk, power-pop, pop-rock and heavy chorded top-40. It's all here and every royalty free stock music track delivers the feel good sounds of the music we all love.

Acoustic Fix

This exciting alt-rock acoustic music collection is perfect for hold music that will keep your customers interested and for multimedia use. Some tracks are friendly, some dangerous in this eclectic stock music mix. All of them offer potential for your film or video project soundtrack.


Music for any type of seduction is gathered on Eargasm , sexy and sensuous background music for films, videos, or multimedia projects. From intense to hypnotic, you can choose the rhythm of the love from 58 multiple-length tracks. Production music so hot, it'll melt your speakers.

Electric Guitar Elements

Electric guitar elements, transitions, and punctuators in a wide variety of styles.

Hard Rock Bumpers & Transitions

This collection of royalty free bumpers packs a wallop. Get viewers in and out of a scene or punctuate a show with an adrenalin punch of meaty, snarling guitars and full band head-banging. It's production music so heavy, you'll need your lifting belt!

Dramatic Beds

Walk the streets looking for trouble, as a perp or a cop, in this collection of music beds for action-packed multimedia or film/video projects. From modern industrial to retro funk, there is a variety of high-intensity stock background music tracks to choose from on Dramatic Beds.

Ethnic Rhythms

Travel to the marketplaces of Morocco , deep into the Amazon and the Serengeti or to the beaches of the South Pacific in this eclectic collection of exotic royalty free world music , perfect for use as bellydance music or as background music for a film, video or multimedia projects.

Organic Beds

Organic Beds is a rich collection of royalty free music beds comprised of easy and light acoustic tracks, perfect as music for websites or for your production music library. The album features tracks with piano, acoustic guitar, marimba, accordion and a variety of flutes and pipes.

Groovy Funky Beds

Rhythmic themes incorporating sound effects and foley from everyday events including traffic, sports, commerce, home improvement, and more.

Marches & Cadence

Create an atmosphere that's martial, mysterious or tense with this collection of royalty free military music, which includes a variety of marches and cadence for use as production music or for any multimedia project.

Whacked Beds

Industrial, funky, disjointed and plain whacked-out! Those are the kind of royalty free music beds you can find on Whacked Beds , production music for any film, video or multimedia project requiring a rhythm bed that turns the atmosphere on its ear. All manner of drums and unconventional percussion shine through on this stock music collection.


Get down with your big-mouthed self! Check out Voicebox , a collection of groove-filled novelty download stock music tracks using the human voice as a musical instrument. Snoring, crunching and breathing are just a few of the unusual musical uses the human mouth is put to in this collection of royalty free music beds.

Dark Drama Beds

Rhythmic drama beds including creepy, disturbing, tension, and evil.

Prime Time Drama Part 1

From the onset of a crime or emergency, through the investigation and during the high-risk climax, Prime Time Drama Part 1 does it all, providing broadcast-quality royalty free music for TV and film projects dealing with crime or medical drama. All aspects of a dramatic arc are covered here, with tracks varying between revelation and life-on-the-line action. It's a vital addition to the media professional's production music library .

Prime Time Drama Part 2

Solve the crime or save the patient with Prime Time Drama Part 2 , an excellent collection of taut and exploratory background tracks for a variety of dramatic subjects. This album of royalty free TV themes covers the entire arc of a project's dramatic action, from discovery to high-tension resolution. It's a must-have for any production music library.

Ambient Drama Part 1

Ambient Drama Part 1 may be the most frightening collection of royalty free ambient music ever created. This collection of production music is ideal for any film or video looking to scare the bejesus out of its audience and offers powerful soundtrack options for any horror, mystery or suspense project.

Ambient Drama Part 2

Dramatic, ambient, and ethereal themes, rhythms, drones, hits, musical phrases, and transitions.


This rich collection of production music themes is perfect for any project needing a classic injection of Dramedy . Is the scene a little mysterious as the neighborhood snoop peeks through the window next door? Something unexpected and farcical is bound to happen, and these background music tracks set the mood perfectly.

Manufactured Beats

Choose from 52 variable-length tracks of electronic percussion on this hard-hitting collection of royalty free music beds .  From straightforward electronica and industrial to an array of hybrid sounds, this production music album can provide the percussion track for any multimedia project.

World Groove

Global rhythms, from the Amazon to Bollywood, call out on this rich and varied album of royalty free music world music . This melting pot of sounds is ideal for your production music library, providing exotic background options for documentary music, multimedia projects and websites dealing with people and places around the world.

Soft Sell

Open the mind of your audience or prospective buyers with Soft Sell , a collection of positive, expansive tracks intended to make the listener receptive. This album of royalty free infomercial music is also idea for commercials, presentations and slideshows or as Powerpoint music.

Super Sell

Prime your audience to recognize their purchasing power with Super Sell , a royalty free collection of music for commercials or for use as slideshow music or presentation music. These powerful and optimistic tracks speak of opportunity and improvement and are sure to heighten the impact of your message.

Acoustic Reflections

A little light country and a lot of easy, thoughtful tunes make up Acoustic Reflections , a collection of tracks that are perfect for soothing on hold music or as elevator music . This album of royalty free music is about the importance of the journey rather than the destination. No reason to hurry; just enjoy the ride.

Sophisticated Cool

Piano, guitar, strings and synth instruments combine in this collection of royalty free background music, tracks of modern elegance that are perfect for hold music, presentation music or slideshow music .

Garage Rock

Monster cars and oil stains come to you via this production music collection, perfect music for sports or music for video games . From the stripped-down style of the 60s to the heavier textures of modern garage, the spectrum of Garage Rock creates loads of possibilities for your project.

Pop Foundations

Moody, intense and suspenseful, this collection of royalty free music beds is perfect for building tension and drama in the background music of your film or video project. Using a variety of compositions, including bells, synth instruments, drums and sound effects, this atmospheric album is a must for every production music library .

Strategic Focus

Focus and motivate your customers or audience with this collection of corporate music, ideal as presentation music, slideshow music, Powerpoint music or as background music for your film or video. In a variety of royalty free compositions incorporating synth instrumentation, these tracks will energize your listeners.

Action Drama Soundtrack

You can cut the tension with a knife on Action Drama Soundtrack , a deep collection of royalty free music for film, perfect for your production music library . Choose from menace and mystery in this packed album of music, suitable for all multimedia needs.

Nuthin But Upright

Calling all cool cats! This collection of royalty free TV themes has the smoothest, be-boppingiest bunch of upright bass tracks assembled anywhere. This production music is ideal for any project looking to create a smooth, hip vibe. Also great for use as bumpers or stingers.


Whimsical horns, classical guitar, accordion, piano and vibraphone all jump into the fray of this eclectic album of royalty free music for commercials. Give your infomercial music the flair it needs, with this fun collection of background music , a must-have for every production music library.

Rural Funspots

Music for cow-tippin' and hayrides! Rural Funspots is downloadable country music with that happy, twangy, lighthearted touch your film, video or multimedia project is looking for. From Samba-inspired tracks to a little funk and plenty of straight-ahead bluegrass, this amazing album of royalty free stock music is packed with fine musicianship.

Drama Drones

This minimalist, non-musical collection of royalty free ambient music is ideal for creating a disturbing atmosphere. Surreal and sinister, each track of background music will cause your audience's scalp to crawl, ideal for horror films or any project requiring bad vibes.

Positive Acoustics

Relax and take your shoes off with Positive Acoustics , royalty free acoustic music that soothes the listener and is perfect for hold music or production music. Acoustic guitar in bright, compelling compositions uplifts as background music or for waiting customers.

Latin Rhythms

Merengue and do the cha-cha to the tunes of Latin Rhythms , a collection of royalty free Latin music, perfect for restaurant music or as background for your film, video or multimedia project. Tracks with classic instrumentation mesh with modern mixes to create an album for virtually every style of Latin and Brazilian dance.

Human Emotion

The spectrum of emotion, from inspired to anxious, is played out in this broadcast quality collection of royalty free movie music. With piano, electronic elements and horns, this production music album will evoke deep sentiment from the audience of your film, video or multimedia presentation.

Wide Awake Acoustic

Catchy, positive and fun, this collection of royalty free acoustic music will give your listeners a new lease on the day, with bright and clean acoustic guitars. This background music album is perfect for hold music, multimedia or film/video productions looking to create an easygoing and optimistic vibe.

Drama King Drums

This collection of stock music is ideal for any project creating suspense or for documentary music. From tribal to industrial, this royalty free music conjures an array of intense moods. Many of these tracks make for fantastic chase music, while others recall ritual and mystery.

RnB/Hip Hop

Add that final touch of urban "street cred" to any of your projects

Ethereal Spaces

The divine and the unknown are explored in Ethereal Spaces , a collection of royalty free ambient music that takes the listener on a profound inner journey. With electronic, Middle Eastern and Asian influences, the album creates an expansive atmosphere for your production or multimedia project and is perfect as meditation music .

Promo Pump

Modern and danceable, this collection of download royalty free music adds energy and movement to a variety of events or projects. Use these stock music tracks as corporate music, informercial music or promo music for broadcast. Whatever the application, audiences will sit up and pay attention!

Sin City Remix

A trip down Las Vegas Boulevard that shameless blends modern swankiness with retro cool.

Dub Reggae Revolution

A variety of royalty free reggae music sounds, from dub to Latin, come together on this stock music collection, just the laid-back vibe your production music library has been missing. Use as background music for film/video or as restaurant music and put your listeners in a relaxed state of mind.

Advertising Environments

This collection of royalty free music for commercials is also ideal for presentation music or corporate music . Lush, ambient tracks combine acoustic instruments with synth elements, creating a versatile album. You can get this music royalty free by downloading now!

Acoustic Energy

This collection of royalty free music is suitable for hold music, professional projects or film and video. With 31 laid-back tracks of easygoing guitar, your listeners will be transported to sunny days, wide open fields and a taste of rural freedom. Harmonica, clap tracks and accordion round out this rich and expansive collection of acoustic music.

Dramatic Comedy

All of the great emotions of the theater come alive in this needledrop album titled Dramatic Comedy. This amazing collection of royalty free music for film brings together epic tunes from all aspects of the performing arts, from the fantastic to the farcical. With 44 tracks of movie themes and TV themes, the album offers endless variation for your film, video or multimedia project.

Mystic Meditation

Travel though the depths of your mind with this collection of royalty free hypnosis music . Ideal for relaxing the body and promoting thought, these soothing ethereal selections can be used for meditation music, yoga music, or as background music for documentaries or multimedia projects.

Best Podcast Soundtracks '08

From lighthearted comical themes to emotionally expressive scores to revved-up rock anthems, this broadcast music library has tunes to fit any podcast or web project. Whether you are launching a new podcast or looking for royalty free music for websites, this collection has everything you need for your online world.

DECADES 30, 40, 50

Travel back to the days of poodle skirts, sock hops, swing dances, and zoot suits with this incredible stock music compilation. Filled with an assortment of 1950's beach party music, Dixieland, ragtime, and swing tunes, this royalty free soundtrack is the ideal background music for films, documentaries, TV shows, presentations, and more.

Decades 60, 70, 80

Grab your bellbottoms, 8-tracks, and Rubik's cubes and get ready for a retro road trip through the 60's, 70's, and 80's with this groovy production music album. Disco, funk, and campy TV themes are all covered on this collection of royalty free music, perfect for a wide range of projects.

On Hold Compilation Vol. 10

Don't leave your customers waiting in silence. Use this calming combo of acoustic, jazz, and classical hold music to ensure that they will remain on the line while you are assisting other customers. This soothing collection of royalty free music can also help to create a pleasant atmosphere when used as background music in waiting rooms and lobbies.

Ultimate Latin Music Vol. 1

Add some spice to your production, presentation, or business with this saucy collection of royalty free Latin music. From lighthearted merengue to Mexican mariachi to Santana-esque Latin themes, this production music library will liven up any project.

Haunted Halloween

Add some drama to your production music library with Haunted Halloween, a spooktacular collection of royalty free Halloween music and sound effects guaranteed to frighten audiences of all ages. Filled with 8 chilling tracks and 20 scary sound effects, this album is ideal for use as background music in haunted houses, horror films, and more.

Acoustic Rx

Sick of losing customers waiting on hold? We've got the cure. Acoustic RX is the perfect medicine for healing all of your musiconhold ailments. Packed with appealing acoustic stock music, this album is also ideal for use as background music in film, television, multimedia projects and more, the perfect addition to your production music library.

Memorial/Funeral Music

Honor the memory of love ones with this moving collection of royalty-free memorial service music . Traditional hymns such as "Amazing Grace" and "In the Garden" are joined by heartfelt original music such as "Memories of You" and tender classical pieces like "The Swan" to create comforting funeral music to console listeners. Church choir vocals and gentle instrumentals make this album appropriate for use during memorial and funeral services as well as memorial videos and slideshows.

NOISEFUEL-16 Crowds and Audience

Aptly named, this compilation of crowd sounds features over 150 royalty free sound effects , including applauses, boos, cheers, chants, screams, and gasps, perfect for adding the finishing touch to TV shows, films, video projects, Powerpoint presentations, and more.

Christmas Jazz

Celebrate the season in style with this sophisticated collection of royalty free Christmas music.  Filled with traditional Christmas songs performed in contemporary jazz styles, this album will add some holiday spirit to your musiconhold, background music, or production music collection.

Piano Classics

Add some sophistication to your business or production with this collection of royalty free classical music. Filled with pieces from renowned composers such as Bach and Mozart, these public domain music tracks are a classic addition to any musiconhold or background music library.

Folk Frontier

Explore the realm of folk music with this royalty free music collection. Acoustic guitars, dulcimers, and more come together to create an easygoing sound ideal for use as documentary music or background music for a variety of multimedia projects.

Vocal Variety

Add some variety to your production music with this versatile collection of royalty free stock music . Filled with a range of songs performed in different vocal styles, this collection is ideal for use as background music in films, television programs, documentaries, and more.

Ultimate Sports Soundtrack

Pump up the adrenaline in your production music library with this royalty free sports soundtrack. Jammed with rockin' royalty free audio , this collection is ideal background music for sports broadcasts, music for websites, and more.

Music For Kids

Add a childlike and whimsical aura to your projects with this collection of royalty free children's music. This stock music is perfect for use as production music in children's videos, films, and television shows as well as background music for youth-oriented businesses.

Southern Soul

Travel down south with this royalty free stock music album. Packed with plenty of twang and down home vibes, this collection is an essential addition to your production music library. Download this music royalty free today!

New Age Nirvana

Find a place of inner peace with this royalty free ambient music album. With hypnotic and ethereal tones, this collection will create a relaxing environment when used as meditation music, background music, or music for websites.

Public Domain Music Vol. 2

This varied collection of public domain music is a must-have addition to any production music library. From American classics such as "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to royalty free classical music like Bach's "Air on a G String", this album contains background music suitable for a wide variety of projects and occasions. Download stock music now!

March Madness

Grab your uniform and trumpet and hit the football field with this royalty free audio collection. No production music library should be without this compilation of beloved march tunes, including "Yankee Doodle" and Mendelssohn's "Wedding March". Download stock music from this album for immediate use!

Synergy Vol. 2

Motivate your team with this inspiring collection of royalty free corporate music.  This download stock music album features a range of musical styles, including rock and electronica, perfect for use as slideshow music, PowerPoint music, or corporate training videos.

Alternative Rock 10

Add a modern edge to your projects with this collection of royalty free alternative rock music.  Full of energy with catchy, edgy, and gritty guitar sounds, this album is ideal for use as corporate music or background music for TV, film, and advertising, a great contemporary addition to any production music library.

Best Corporate Soundtracks of '08

Put your best foot forward with the best royalty free corporate music of 2008.  From laid back acoustic jams to powerful corporate themes to serene ethereal tracks, you’ll find everything you need for PowerPoint music, presentation music, or background music for seminars, training videos, websites, and more. 

Corporate Longform Vol. 2

Take the guesswork out of finding the right royalty free soundtrack for longer projects with this collection of royalty free audio for longform.  Unlike Vol. 1, which contains longer single tracks, Vol. 2 contains three sets of tracks that can be paired together for seamless PowerPoint music, training video music,and corporate music soundtracks.  Choose from electronica, new age, or acoustic pairings.

Infomercial Insomnia

Can’t sleep?  This collection of infomercial music will keep you glued to the tube as you watch customers rave about super strength putty, egg shaped foot care products, and mega slicer/shredders. Filled with motivating royalty free new age music, Infomercial Insomnia is also ideal for use as presentation music and music on hold. 

Spot On Remixes

Mix up your broadcast music library with this collection of remixed favorites from’s production music library.  Jammed with a variety of versatile electronica, pop, rock, techno, and new age tunes, Spot On Remixes is the perfect background music for films, websites, TV programs, multimedia presentations, and more.

Ethnic Escapes

These rich, royalty free music tracks, packed with a world of culture, are ideal as documentary music, background music for multimedia and slide presentations and music on hold. A variety of world instrumentation will transport listeners to exciting locales.

Overture To Adventure

Add some adventure to your production music library with this collection of royalty free music. Whether you are chronicling a hero's journey or detailing a villain's evil deeds, Overture to Adventure contains the perfect background music to accent your scenes. Download royalty free music for your production today!

Electric Swan Song

Upbeat, positive techno with lots of energy, but none of the "club-iness". These are the tracks that communicate a "360" understanding of modern humanity. Use any one of these 80's tinged tracks to open your corporate presentation or internal video with sly wink and a thumbs up.

Album Review

Royalty Free Music has compiled carefully chosen albums suitable for YouTube and other social marketing websites. Whether you need pounding rock music, calming jazz or classical music we have just about everything to give your video the professional sounding edge. We also have a HUGE collection of sound effects to add the finishing touches to your YouTube videos. Please remember, all our music is royalty free and cleared for use on ALL social marketing websites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, and others. Some restriction apply which you can check here.