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video editing Video editing from video biographies assembled from still photos to DVDs and television favorites like Sex and the City, video editing can mean the difference between the look of a polished feature film and your 4th of July home videos.

Video Editing Albums:

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Sample Video Editing Tracks:

Network News Suite 03:21 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
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It Always Ends The Same 02:37 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
This track presents a midtempo, light acoustic guitar melody with rich string accompaniment.

While the most obvious aspect of editing may be the removal of scenes that don’t necessarily serve a purpose in the finished product – ones that may make the piece too long or have improper lighting – some of the lesser-known facets are the incorporation of shot or scene transition, digital elements or special effects, and, perhaps most importantly, sound effects and music. Now done almost entirely on computers and in digital format, the process of editing can often take less time to complete while the software, workstations, and manpower involved are highly precise and very costly.

Applications like Adobe Premiere and Apple’s iMovie have made video editing easier and more accessible to the general population, but expert touches like title screens, soundtracks, and the general knack for presentation aesthetics often come only from years of training and education. Also, in a model similar to audio or sound recording, professional video editors can opt to either make an investment in their own equipment or rent an editing bay (the video editing counterpart of a recording studio) for any given length of time. While the second presents a lower-budget option for those whose editing needs are intermittent, both present fairly substantial overhead and may necessitate corner cutting in other areas.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to lower overhead for both the professional and amateur video editor. Sites like How Stuff Works offer simple, plain-language instruction to creating titles, narration, and transitions within the most widely-used desktop applications, while provides an insider’s view of an editor’s day-to-day life and tasks with tips and tricks to save time and money for even the most experienced video professional. Traditional outlets like B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio offer brand new equipment at reasonable prices, yet also feature used or refurbished gear for the budget conscious. As always, a quick search on eBay can yield some fantastic and well-priced treasures.

Perhaps the simplest way for a professional editor to pinch pennies is through the use of stock or royalty-free media. Well-known to both print and web designers, who frequently use stock photos, art, and fonts, royalty-free media is sold as a collection of many pieces of media for one lower price. This allows for a vast selection without the added expense of producing photos, graphics, or even music. offers what is certainly the web’s most exhaustive online resource for easily-accessible production music library owned and operated by Gold and Platinum Award-winning producer Shaun Harris, where a user can select, pay for, and download their selections in one quick visit. DMN Stock Resources, while offering a substantially smaller music library, also features stock video, models, and images to add to any production.

From pitching capabilities to prospective corporate clients or polishing last weekend’s wedding video into a sentimental masterpiece fit to endure the ages, new technology can offer today’s video editor exciting – and even low-cost – solutions to wow an audience time and again.


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