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Soft music is best used in conjunction with projects that need a gentler touch. Many companies that need to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere will use soft music as background music to help perpetuate the right attitude and feeling among employees and customers; businesses like yoga and massage studios and spas need to make sure the music they provide in the background is soothing so they can promote healing and help make the process as comfortable as possible. Those that work with children often also search for children's music that is soft and gentle to help calm them while still providing them with familiar and interesting tunes. Film and television professionals will often use soft music when they need the soundtrack to be subtler to enhance stunning visual images and allow them to speak for themselves without being crowded by production music that is too busy or dynamically loud. Soft music is best expressed by instruments such as acoustic guitar, piano, strings and woodwinds playing melodies influenced by many types of traditional and contemporary music.

Professionals often spend a great deal of money purchasing soft music from major music libraries to enhance their projects and find themselves with little money left for other important elements of the business. Restaurateurs, those running spas and other businesses that use soft music often will pay thousands of dollars in on-going monthly fees simply to use the music they purchase in only a limited fashion, and often they have to settle for soft music that is not necessarily their ideal choice but happens to fall just inside their strict budget. Many savvy individuals are starting to recognize the benefits that a good royalty free music library, like the one offered by can bring to their business endeavors and are beginning to purchase affordable and versatile instrumental royalty free soft music to build a collection they can use for a lifetime. Royalty free soft music provides many anthologies of royalty free music that expresses gentle and unique themes played by strings, piano and others that can be incorporated into film and television projects for a one-time low fee and then used again in future works. Because the royalty free music themes expressed in the many pieces of royalty free soft music are both simple yet interesting, they can be used again and again without seeming repetitive.

Royalty free soft music is an excellent alternative for professionals in every field to buying exorbitantly expensive music from major music providers or hiring composers to create film or television scores. This page offers an wide-ranging list of the royalty free music tracks within the library that fall into the soft music style and will help individuals find the ideal music for important projects.

Soft Albums

  Acoustic / Guitar Volume I
  Acoustic Music - Volume 1
  Acoustic Music - Volume 2
  Ambient Music 1
  Ambient Music 2
  Atmospheric Moods 1
  Atmospheric Moods 2
  Auras & Ambience
  Background Music Volume 1 With On Hold Messages
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 1
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 2
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 3
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 4
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 5
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 6 - Good Vibes
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 7 - Sax / Woodwinds
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 8
  Celebration of Life - Funeral Music, Funeral Home Music
  Children's Music Classics 1
  Children's Music Classics 2
  Classical Piano
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 1
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 2
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 3
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 4
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 5
  Digital Images
  Easy Listening 1
  Easy Listening 5
  Easy Listening 7
  Electronic 4
  Electronic 9
  Essential Agency Collection - 5 CDs
  Essential Post Production Collection - 5 CDs
  Expressive Scores
  Folk Music 4
  Guitar Music Themes - Volume 1
  Guitar Music Themes - Volume 2
  Guitar Music Themes - Volume 3
  Human Touch
  Impressionistic Piano 2
  Inspirational / Optimistic
  Jazz Piano Bands
  Media Essentials Kit - 5 CDs
  Media Producer Kit - 10 CDs
  Middle Of The Road 2
  Mystery & Suspense
  New Age 11
  New Age 13
  New Age 14
  New Age 15
  New Age 18
  New Age 2
  New Age 4
  New Age 8
  New Age Dreams 1
  New Age Dreams 2
  New Age Moodscapes
  New Age Naturescapes
  New Age Volume I
  On Hold Gold Collection - 5 CDs
  On Hold Platinum Collection - 10 CDs
  Orchestral Sessions 11
  Orchestral Sessions 5
  Piano Music - Volume 1
  Piano Music - Volume 2
  Relaxing Classics
  Rhythmic Drama
  Smooth Jazz 4
  Soft Moods - Volume 1
  Spy Movies
  Ultimate Agency Collection - 10 CDs
  Wedding Music, Romance, and Softer Moods - Volume 1
  Wedding Music, Romance, and Softer Moods - Volume 2

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