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The rock and roll music and rock music styles emerged in the 1950s in the southern United States and quickly spread throughout the country and then the world. Rock and roll music and rock music have grown today to consist of many different types of music, including pop music, R & B music and the more recently developed alternative music genres. Rock music began as an outgrowth of blues, boogie woogie, jazz, R & B and even folk and gospel music and is characterized by melodies and accompaniments played by electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and often keyboard or piano. In very early rock and roll music, before the rock music genre gave birth to the electric guitar, saxophone was used as a lead instrument to express important musical themes. Rock and roll is used often as production music for films addressing subjects geared towards young people and as background music and music on hold for businesses that deal in products and services for a progressive generation. While rock music is typically associated with loud instrumental melodies and heavy percussion accompaniments, it is actually quite structured.

Professionals in the film and television industry along with those that work with young adults often seek out high quality rock and roll music and rock music to use as a part of their projects in order to reach a target audience. Many individuals that own restaurants, boutiques, salons, clubs and other types of establishments often pay large fees to major music providers for only limited use of specific tracks in their rock and roll music and rock music collections. More people each day are gravitating towards royalty free music as an affordable alternative to other types of music because of the freedom and quality it offers. Royalty free rock and roll music and royalty free rock music libraries like those featured at present many instrumental music options for businesses in every industry. Royalty free rock and roll music created and performed by award winning musicians can add a subtle yet effective touch to scenes in film and television productions, offering all the spirit of the music style while providing the flexibility of royalty free music and without distracting lyrics that might not fit with the integrity of the project. Professionals can purchase large amounts of royalty free rock music at a fraction of the price of music from other providers. For a low one-time fee, individuals can buy tracks of royalty free rock and roll music to use for a lifetime.

Royalty free music is a great solution for those looking to add inexpensive royalty free rock and roll music to their most important works. This page offers a list of royalty free music tracks that fall within the rock music style to help professionals find the perfect music to fulfill their needs.

Rock-And-Roll Albums

  50's Rock
  Action and Sports
  Action Sequence
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 4
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 5
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 9 - Harder Edge Rock Music
  Blues 1
  Blues 2
  Brand New Stuff'06 vol.1
  Brand New Stuff'06 vol.2
  Children's Music 7
  Classical Fusion 2
  Comedy / Suspense
  Contemporary Colors
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 2
  Corporate Music 1
  Corporate Music 3
  Corporate Presentation - Volume 1
  Corporate Presentation - Volume 2
  Corporate Presentation - Volume 3
  Country 4
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 1
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 3
  Easy Listening 3
  Easy Listening 6
  Easy Listening 7
  Eighties Music 1
  Eighties Music 2
  Electric Guitar Elements
  Electronic 10
  Electronic 4
  Electronic 8
  Essential Agency Collection - 5 CDs
  Essential Post Production Collection - 5 CDs
  Folk Music 3
  Folk Music 4
  Fun City
  Fun Fresh & Funky
  Fun Rock 1
  Fun Rock 2
  Garage Band / Punk Rock
  Image Maker
  Industrial Shock
  Infomercials Vol. 1
  Just Bass 2
  Loop Compilation
  Media Producer Kit - 10 CDs
  Metamorphosis 2
  New Age 15
  New Age 16
  New Age 17
  New Age 18
  On Hold Music 4
  On Hold Music 5
  Orchestral Film Themes from the 70's and 80's
  Percussion Elements
  Pop Life
  Power Funk
  Red Hot Blues
  Retail 1
  Retro Funk 2
  Retro Funk 3
  Rock and Blues Guitar
  Rock and Roll
  Rock Vol. 11
  Rock Vol. 12
  Rock Vol. 13
  Rock Vol. 14
  Rock Vol. 15
  Rock Vol. 2
  Rock Vol. 3
  Rock Vol. 5
  Rock Vol. 6
  Rock Vol. 7
  Rock Vol. 8
  Rock Vol. 9
  Science 3
  Science 5
  Science 6
  Southern Music 3
  Sports 1
  Sports 2
  Sports, Action, Corporate and Drama - Volume 1
  Stingers Assorted Guitars Vol. 1
  Stingers Assorted Guitars Vol. 2
  Trend Setters
  Ultimate Agency Collection - 10 CDs
  Urban 7
  Workout/Exercise Music

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