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The R & B music style is short for "rhythm and blues" and was originally coined in 1949 in the U.S. to name an upbeat style of music that was emerging at the time performed by African American artists. R & B music combines elements of jazz, gospel and blues music and was the style of music that gave birth to rock and roll, soul and funk music. R & B music also defines the modern version of soul and funk-influenced pop music that re-emerged after the death of disco music in 1980. R & B music is strongly attached to jazz and jump music, and in turn influenced jazz and other categories by bringing African tribal beats to other types of music. R & B music has become popular with radio stations and there are many in existence that pay tribute to this type of music by offering a format that strictly features this particular music style. R & B music, while similar to rock and pop, often has changeable, complex rhythms that join simpler vocal, guitar and other instrumental melodies.

Many professionals seek out high quality R & B music to accompany film and television productions or to act as background music for modern specialty stores, restaurants or cutting edge studios. Purchasing the rights to use popular R & B music pieces from major music providers can be incredibly expensive, and often involves high monthly fees that can be impossible for smaller businesses to afford. Professional studio quality downloadable royalty free music offered by companies such as are becoming more useful to those in every industry, and royalty free R & B music can offer a flexible solution to budgetary restrictions without compromising the quality of important projects. Royalty free R & B music is instrumental and features unique rhythms influenced by gospel, blues and rock and roll music that join instruments such as electric guitar, keyboards and organ that play out catchy pop-infused melodies and will make a perfect addition to any project that would benefit from the compliment of royalty free music. Because royalty free music is attached to only a one-time low fee for unlimited use of all royalty free R & B tracks purchased, professionals can build impressive music collections at a very affordable price.

Royalty free R & B music will add a special touch to films and television programs looking to capture the unique spirit of this particular musical style and add memorable background music to entertain clients and employees in various companies. This page presents a listing of the royalty free music tracks within the larger library that fall into the R & B music style to guide professionals in their search for the ideal music to complete their collections.

R&B Albums

  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 3
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 4
  Brand New Stuff'06 vol.1
  Club Mix
  Comedy / Suspense
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 1
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 2
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 3
  Corporate Presentation - Volume 1
  Corporate Presentation - Volume 2
  Dance Club
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 1
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 2
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 3
  Electro Dance
  Guitar Music Themes - Volume 3
  Hip Hop Nation
  Hip-Hop / Urban
  Loop Compilation
  Metamorphosis 2
  Nu Skool Urban
  Orchestral Film Themes from the 70's and 80's
  Power Funk
  Rock and Roll
  Ultimate Post Production Collection - 10 CDs
  Urban Vision

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