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The pop music style is sometimes described as music that is produced commercially to appeal to the masses, but is a very flexible style and includes music that can exhibit the characteristics of rock, R & B, folk, country, Hip Hop and blues music. Pop music is professionally produced and packaged and typically conservative because it is designed explicitly to resonate with a large segment of the population and is not targeted towards smaller groups. Pop music emphasizes songwriting and arrangement and is distinguished by basic songwriting and arrangement. This style of music expresses very simple melody, making many pop music tunes extremely catchy. The combination of the melody and the stripped-down rhythm, also a quality of pop music creates an end result that is pleasing to the ear. The structure of pop music songs is often simple, and each song is approximately three minutes long and aimed to express themes that are common among most of the population, including the emotions that stem from either physical or emotional love.

Pop music can be useful when used as part of a contemporary film or television program soundtrack, or as background music for clothing stores, salons, shopping malls, popular restaurants or other establishments that see a great deal of diverse traffic. Because pop music appeals to just about everyone, it can create a pleasant environment for many types of businesses or help illuminate universal themes in films. While many professionals will spend thousands of dollars per month for the rights to use pop music owned by major music providers, many are starting to choose royalty free pop music to help cut costs and provide a unique alternative for movie-goers and music listeners. The selections of royalty free pop music found in large instrumental royalty free music libraries can be extremely useful in films, television programs and many other professional projects because they express the simple melodic sensibilities of the best pop music without distracting lyrics to take away from the emotion of scenes or a business' unique atmosphere. offers an array of high quality royalty free pop music tracks that can be flexibly used in many different endeavors both in the present and the future for a one-time low fee with no further obligations.

Royalty free pop music expressed by instruments including electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, strings and others is an inexpensive but first rate option for professionals looking to add the simple melodic structure of pop music to films and television productions or other projects. This page offers links to the many pieces of original royalty free music in the pop music style to make searching for the right pieces of music easy for professionals in any field.

Pop Albums

  Acoustic Overtones
  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 2
  Brand New Stuff'06 vol.2
  Children's Music 4
  Club Mix
  Contemporary Colors
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 1
  Contemporary Themes - Volume 3
  Country Blues and Roots
  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 1
  Easy Listening 2
  Easy Listening 3
  Easy Listening 4
  Easy Listening 5
  Essential Agency Collection - 5 CDs
  Euro / Techno / Dance
  Fresh Optimism
  Fun City
  Fun Fresh & Funky
  Image Maker
  Loop Compilation
  Metamorphosis 2
  Middle Of The Road 1
  New Beginnings
  News 6
  Orchestral Film Themes from the 70's and 80's
  Pop Country Crossover
  Pop Life
  Retail 1
  Retail 2
Solo Voices
  Stingers Assorted Guitars Vol. 1
  Ultimate Agency Collection - 10 CDs
  Unique Images

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