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Stock Music

Stock Music stock music library royalty free production stock music

Royalty free stock music and stock music are types of production music and background music typically used with the following media projects: television programs; films; videos and radio programming. Stock music selections are less expensive because they are pre-recorded, meaning they eliminate the need to hire a composer to create custom background music or production music for the project. Stock music comes in different styles and is offered by many organizations, including major music providers and royalty free music companies. High quality royalty free stock music is even more affordable than other types of stock music because it requires just a one-time low fee for unlimited use of the production music and background music in any film, video, television or radio program in the present and future. offers many collections of royalty free stock music in styles that include classical, jazz and more contemporary musical categories such as rock and even techno, hip hop and experimental. The pieces of royalty free music available can be used as background music and production music for independent films, major motion pictures, regular television series and any other project that would be enhanced by original stock music tracks.

The library features over 700 diverse pieces of royalty free stock music in a number of styles and tempos. Large and small film and television studios are choosing to fulfill stock music needs for their most important creative endeavors with unique selections of royalty free stock music, using them as production music and background music for regular news programs, commercials, television series, movie trailers and feature films because it offers them the opportunity to get the finest quality music at a fraction of the cost of stock music offered by other companies and major music providers. Pieces of royalty free music composed by award winning musicians and artists and professionally recorded by seasoned producers present traditional instrumentation such as strings, brass, piano, acoustic guitar and woodwinds frequently combined with more contemporary sounds of synthesizers, electric guitars, complex percussion instruments and effects to comprise rich compilations of royalty free stock music. Many available albums of royalty free music specific to one particular genre, such as classical music also offer background music and production music for those looking to fulfill very specific stock music needs.

Stock Music Albums

  Corporate Presentation - Volume 1 - This high-energy collection of royalty free corporate music is a versatile addition to your production music library . Use it as background music, production music, music on hold, documentary music or motivational music and be sure to raise audiences' spirits and interest level.

  Media Essentials Kit - 5 CDs - This royalty free music collection will make an excellent part of a broadcast music library. This royalty free music is an ideal collection of stock music for any broadcast music library or media center at any educational facility. The staff and their students will be able to use award-winning pieces of royalty free music to complement their projects. A broadcast music library such as this one can enhance topics from American History to Cultures of The World.

  Drama Underscores - These stock music classical, ambient and light rock tracks will add mystery and drama to your production music library. Use as video production music or documentary music and underscore the tension and suspense of your project. This collection is ready for immediate download and use.

  Positive Energy - Soft rock and easy electronica come together on this royalty free soundtrack collection. Positive Energy offers 40 tracks of varying lengths, perfect as on hold music, production music or background music. Acoustic instruments join with synth elements to create a relaxing, enriching sound experience for your customers and audiences.

Professionals that choose to use the royalty free stock music from to affordably build professional background music and production music libraries find they have more creative options for their important projects than they previously thought was possible on a very strict budget. The availability of a unparalleled royalty free music library takes the obligation out of purchasing stock music and decreases the confusion of legal issues surrounding music copyright and use in creative projects. For just one fee, professionals get access to easily downloadable tracks of royalty free music that can be added immediately and permanently to collections. Many production companies, including "Universal," "Warner Bros." and others both small and large have already made the choice to work with

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