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Action Drama Soundtrack

You can cut the tension with a knife on Action Drama Soundtrack , a deep collection of royalty free music for film, perfect for your production music library . Choose from menace and mystery in this packed album of music, suitable for all multimedia needs.

Ambient Drama Part 1

Ambient Drama Part 1 may be the most frightening collection of royalty free ambient music ever created. This collection of production music is ideal for any film or video looking to scare the bejesus out of its audience and offers powerful soundtrack options for any horror, mystery or suspense project.

Ambient Drama Part 2

Dramatic, ambient, and ethereal themes, rhythms, drones, hits, musical phrases, and transitions.

Dark Drama Beds

Rhythmic drama beds including creepy, disturbing, tension, and evil.

Dark, Dramatic & Angry

As you might guess, there is nothing nice about this album of royalty free music for film . It contains the kind of tunes that nightmares are made of and is perfect production music for any project that needs to conjure a bad trip, an extremely haunted house or your teenage brother's room. It's a power-packed collection of macabre, dangerous rock.

Drama Drones

This minimalist, non-musical collection of royalty free ambient music is ideal for creating a disturbing atmosphere. Surreal and sinister, each track of background music will cause your audience's scalp to crawl, ideal for horror films or any project requiring bad vibes.

Drama King Drums

This collection of stock music is ideal for any project creating suspense or for documentary music. From tribal to industrial, this royalty free music conjures an array of intense moods. Many of these tracks make for fantastic chase music, while others recall ritual and mystery.

Drama, World, & Light

Have a project about a detective or spy? Check out the stand-up bass and drums on this smooth collection of royalty free music for film that recalls the best in well-dressed and low-keyed retro action. Get your black turtle-neck on and settle in for an album of TV themes to creep to.

Dramatic Beds

Walk the streets looking for trouble, as a perp or a cop, in this collection of music beds for action-packed multimedia or film/video projects. From modern industrial to retro funk, there is a variety of high-intensity stock background music tracks to choose from on Dramatic Beds.

Prime Time Drama Part 1

From the onset of a crime or emergency, through the investigation and during the high-risk climax, Prime Time Drama Part 1 does it all, providing broadcast-quality royalty free music for TV and film projects dealing with crime or medical drama. All aspects of a dramatic arc are covered here, with tracks varying between revelation and life-on-the-line action. It's a vital addition to the media professional's production music library .

Prime Time Drama Part 2

Solve the crime or save the patient with Prime Time Drama Part 2 , an excellent collection of taut and exploratory background tracks for a variety of dramatic subjects. This album of royalty free TV themes covers the entire arc of a project's dramatic action, from discovery to high-tension resolution. It's a must-have for any production music library.

Ultimate Sports Soundtrack

Pump up the adrenaline in your production music library with this royalty free sports soundtrack. Jammed with rockin' royalty free audio , this collection is ideal background music for sports broadcasts, music for websites, and more.

Whacked Beds

Industrial, funky, disjointed and plain whacked-out! Those are the kind of royalty free music beds you can find on Whacked Beds , production music for any film, video or multimedia project requiring a rhythm bed that turns the atmosphere on its ear. All manner of drums and unconventional percussion shine through on this stock music collection.

Juiced Up

"Juice Up" your production music library with these bone-crushing, adrenaline-fueled tracks. Whether it's for sports high-lights or you are just in the need for extremely aggressive nu-metal royalty-free music. You simply cannot find any better sports music anywhere. And the best thing is that all these songs are copyright-free music.


A variety of rock styles come together in Amped , a stock music collection perfect as promo music, game audio, sports music or background music. Add this anthology to your broadcast music library and kick up the volume!

Sports 3

These 10 pieces of original, energetic royalty free music will provide great theme music for television coverage of sporting events, promotional spots for upcoming games or simply background music for films about sports. This collection of theme music exhibits the power of electric guitar riffs, bass, and drums to create a buzz of excitement with thrilling rock music melodies and harmonies.

Sports 1

This anthology is filled with stock music that will have the adrenaline of your audience pumping. These royalty free music pieces are ideal for giving your projects a major excitement boost and are perfect for bumpers or announcer beds during your favorite high-impact sport. Fill up your beer helmet and stay clear from the office quarterback.

Action and Sports

Hard-driving rock, horns and world beat combine on this royalty free music download, ready for immediate and unlimited use. A great addition to your production music library , this compilation is ideal as royalty free music for video, music for sports or background music for any project requiring a motivating soundtrack.

Inspiring Images

Uplifting and mind-expanding, these downloadable royalty free music tracks are ideal for production music , documentary music or multimedia music and are a great addition to any production music library. Modern compositions using traditional and synth instruments are sure to inspire audiences.

Sports, Action, Corporate and Drama - Volume 2

Assorted musical styles; hard rock, soft rock, intellectual, high quality smooth jazz, this album will help boost the excitement of television sports segments, film action sequences or a variety of corporate or PowerPoint presentations. Other production music libraries would give their left foot to own this stuff.

Sports 2

From third plate on Wrigley Field to the seventh plate in competitive eating, Royalty Free Music provides stock music ideal for any sporting event. This album includes ten titles of aggressive buyout music filled to the brim with excitement. One question remains: is chess considered a sport or not?

Spy Movies

"Ok, who stole my stapler?" As the plot thickens, nothing adds more suspense than a piece from this Royalty Free Music compilation. Various production music styles can accommodate different spies, from gadget-filled inspectors to epic searches for your great grandmother's chalice. With the right buyout music, the butler might just crack.

Inspirational / Optimistic

A variety of modern compositions using synth and traditional instruments come together in this collection of royalty free new age music. These tracks are ideal as hypnotherapy music, hypnosis music, meditation music  or as background music for your film or video project.


These 65 tracks of versatile buyout music include themes of anticipation, activity, heroism, hope and accomplishment, in rock, funk, brass, drum corps, synth and country renditions. These selections are sure to heighten audience interest and involvement in the high-impact moments of your presentation or production and make a great addition to production music libaries.

Escape Velocity

This royalty free stock music collection includes performance-minded tracks to inspire. Is someone in your project getting in shape for the big game, dance audition or corporate goal? These production music pieces build intensity towards an exciting aim in classic guitar, synth chords, percussion and bluesy strings.

Corporate Music 1

Create a winning soundtrack with this royalty free stock music , ideal for corporate music, presentation music, slideshow music or background music for any multimedia project or website. With a variety of styles, from free-wheeling acoustic guitar to modern electronic precision, you'll find just the music you need on this downloadable collection.

Corporate Music 2

Lift spirits and generate drive in your audience with this selection of stock music tracks, ideal for training video music, presentation music, slideshow music, corporate music and PowerPoint music. These upbeat, modern compositions are sure to give your project the professional edge.

Dramatic Moments 1

These classical royalty free music pieces are deep and meaningful, ideal as funeral tributes music, production music or as background music for any thoughtful event or film/video project. Download this copyright cleared music now for immediate use.

Dramatic Moments 2

These beautifully performed classical tracks of royalty free stock music will add quality and depth to your production music library. Create drama and emotion in your film music and background music with these downloadable selections.

Sports, Action, Corporate and Drama - Volume 1

For use as production music for film and television programming, background music for corporate seminars and Powerpoint presentations.

Award Winning Music provides the Sports, Action and Drama series, a two-volume collection of royalty free music for corporate, sports, action and dramatic projects. These tracks consist of downloadable royalty free music that can be incorporated into a variety of television programming, films and highly specialized corporate presentations. The first volume of royalty free music offers twelve sports and action themes composed and produced by Jimmy Greenspoon, the keyboard player from the legendary rock and roll band "Three Dog Night." The royalty free music found in this collection acts as perfect production music for any exciting action or dramatic film, and also works beautifully as background music for television and radio sports programs. The new second volume of royalty free music for corporate, sports action and dramatic projects includes a variety of exciting tracks. The royalty free music in the second installment of this series addresses every need; it portrays the excitement of football and baseball games, or can motivate employees of a large corporation to greater achievement. The style of the music ranges from straight and driving hard rock, to high brow, sophisticated, intellectual jazz. Professionals will find quality royalty free music in this library that can enhance any project or presentation.