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DECADES 30, 40, 50

Travel back to the days of poodle skirts, sock hops, swing dances, and zoot suits with this incredible stock music compilation. Filled with an assortment of 1950's beach party music, Dixieland, ragtime, and swing tunes, this royalty free soundtrack is the ideal background music for films, documentaries, TV shows, presentations, and more.

Decades 60, 70, 80

Grab your bellbottoms, 8-tracks, and Rubik's cubes and get ready for a retro road trip through the 60's, 70's, and 80's with this groovy production music album. Disco, funk, and campy TV themes are all covered on this collection of royalty free music, perfect for a wide range of projects.

Modern Jewish Themes

Using a variety of contemporary instruments and compositions, this collection of royalty free stock music offers a modern take on traditional Jewish music themes. Ideal for your production music library for use as background music or music for websites, this anthology is ready for immediate download and use.

Public Domain Music Vol. 2

This varied collection of public domain music is a must-have addition to any production music library. From American classics such as "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to royalty free classical music like Bach's "Air on a G String", this album contains background music suitable for a wide variety of projects and occasions. Download stock music now!

Sin City Remix

A trip down Las Vegas Boulevard that shameless blends modern swankiness with retro cool.

Spot On Remixes

Mix up your broadcast music library with this collection of remixed favorites from RoyaltyFreeMusic.com’s production music library.  Jammed with a variety of versatile electronica, pop, rock, techno, and new age tunes, Spot On Remixes is the perfect background music for films, websites, TV programs, multimedia presentations, and more.

Public Domain Music Vol. 1

Searching for the perfect public domain music for your upcoming projects?  Look no further.  Public Domain Music Vol. 1 contains 10 royalty-free recordings including public domain hymns such as "Amazing Grace" as well as traditional folk songs like "Don Quixote" and "Greensleeves".   With music clips performed in several different styles, including light rock, classical, and jazz, Public Domain Music Vol. 1 has music to fit all of your needs.

Big Ensemble Classics

Filled with stellar performances by big bands, choirs, classical ensembles, and others, Big Ensemble Classics is a versatile collection of stock music that can be easily incorporated into a variety of projects. Featuring a varied selection of tunes, including royalty free classical music , jazz, Scottish bagpipe music, and gospel music public domain , Big Ensemble Classics can be used for production music, on-hold music, background music, and much more.

Music Ministry

These brand new recordings of public domain music such as "Blessed Assurance", "Holy, Holy, Holy" are royalty free and require no ongoing fees. This collection of church music and public domain hymns is totally instrumental and impeccably recorded in the style of well-known acoustic folk artists. Our license agreement allows you to sell this fantastic set of royalty free worship music gems on DVD and as well as synchronize stock music to your video productions.

Marches & Cadence

Create an atmosphere that's martial, mysterious or tense with this collection of royalty free military music, which includes a variety of marches and cadence for use as production music or for any multimedia project.


Get down with your big-mouthed self! Check out Voicebox , a collection of groove-filled novelty download stock music tracks using the human voice as a musical instrument. Snoring, crunching and breathing are just a few of the unusual musical uses the human mouth is put to in this collection of royalty free music beds.

The Studiocutz Business Suite

A collection for corporate and non-broadcast production needs. Includes Boardroom Bravado, Corporate Longform, Technology and Synergy. ALSO - Noisefuel Sounds Of Business.

The Studiocutz Everyday Collection

Music that is applicable for your daily productions. This collection includes Contemporary Colors, Sugarpop, Energizer, Organic Pulse, and Fluid.

The American Dream Collection

A variety of styles, from patriotic classics to acoustic Americana soft rock, come together in this public domain music collection, ideal for your production music library as background music for multimedia projects or production music for film, video and television projects.

Island Traditions

A huge selection of royalty free music themes that can be used as video production music for exotic projects can be downloaded easily and added to a stock music library in need of the textured percussion and layers of playful and bold brass melodies that mark great world music perfect for vacations and celebrations. Exciting royalty free music melodies and harmonies played by instruments such as steel drums, lap steel guitar, ukulele, brass, acoustic guitar and many others will provide the perfect video production music for vacation projects or stock music for films and television productions.

European Traditions

This compilation of French music and Italian music themes is ideal for those looking to add background music with a European twist that includes distinctive specialty instruments such as accordion and mandolin to their most important films, television productions and other important professional projects.

Music for Podcasts Vol. 1

This collection of royalty free music features a variety of original, fully-orchestrated tracks ideal when used as music to accompany news broadcasts, talk shows or any other type of podcast that needs incidental music. Stock music showcasing many types of musical melodies from classically-inspired string and horn themes to pop-infused royalty free music guitar and percussion combinations make this compilation perfect for fulfilling a wide range of broadcast music library needs.

Business Environments Vol. 1

Leave the boring presentation music behind and add this inspiring and motivational background music to your permanent corporate music collection. Tracks that present everything from classically-inspired string, horn and woodwind sections to electric-guitar infused rock and pop melodies in slow and fast tempos (and everything in between) will add the perfect touch as presentation music for corporate events, motivational seminars or any other event that requires well-crafted background music.

Best Corporate Soundtracks of '07

These 8 unique pieces of copyright free music feature action-oriented melodies and harmonies played by both acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers and accompanied by various percussion instruments. Medium- to fast-paced background music will go great with presentations intended to inspire employees to new levels of achievement. This copyright free music album of corporate music can be used as background music with live seminars, Webcasts or PowerPoint presentations.

Underscore for Dialogue Vol. 1: Dramatic

These original pieces of instrumental royalty free music depict many different moods and emotions and can be incorporated as stock audio for commercials, public service announcements and as production music for other television, radio and film moments. Production music with romantic melody lines played by strings and shimmering percussion join stock audio pieces that depict suspenseful and dramatic royalty free music easily blended with any spoken word project.

Middle Of The Road 1

This easygoing collection of royalty free music includes everything from light rock to heart-felt piano pieces. Use this easy listening stock music as background music for your broadcast or professional project, retail music or as on hold music.

Brand New Stuff'06 vol.2

Upbeat and modern, this collection of buyout music is a great addition to your online music library. From pop and Latin techno to blues and country rock, these professional tracks are ideal as music for website or production music.

Brand New Stuff'06 vol.1

Using variety of styles, from easy listening to electronica, these royalty free music tracks are a great addition to your music library, perfect for ecards, production music or background music. These stock music sounds are ready for immediate download and use.

Ambient Chill

This royalty free ambient music collection is ideal for relaxing clients or classes. Whether used as hypnotherapy music or background music, this stock music anthology combines a variety of styles to create a versatile collection. Download royalty-free music now!

Unique Images

This album of royalty free music offers tracks representing a grab bag of rare specialty styles, including Dixieland, boogie, disco, surf and humorous, light-hearted jazz and burlesque. Different pieces of original music feature organ, strings, full orchestra, percussion and vocal effects that can be incorporated into specialized professional projects and productions.

Production Music Themes - Volume 2

For each main theme on this album, we have recorded multiple versions, each incorporating a slightly different mood or feel. The result is a single library that can be used seamlessly throughout a project without obvious repetition.

Sacred Voices

This royalty free gospel music is sure to inspire and uplift. Use as choir music, production music for film/video or background music for a religious gathering, funeral or other spiritual event. These 30 tracks offer a variety of styles, including instrumentals, vocal pieces and Gregorian chants.


Add sophisticated atmosphere to your production music library with this royalty free stock music collection of ambient music tracks, ideal as music for websites or as background music for your film, TV or video project. Download now and use today!

Surf Music

This compilation of royalty free music offers tracks in the surf music style that will make a perfect accompaniment to scenes in film and television in need of specialized background music and production music.

Production Music Themes - Volume 1

For each main theme on this album, we have recorded multiple versions, each incorporating a slightly different mood or feel. The result is a single library that can be used seamlessly throughout a project without obvious repetition.

Traditional Church and Hymn Music

This special anthology of traditional royalty free music presents 15 beautiful interpretations of hymns and original gospel music ideal when used as background music for an array of projects. These pieces can also be used as music on-hold for spiritual institutions or for personal use.

Workout/Exercise Music

This volume of dynamic, charged royalty free music offers eight tracks of diverse music that makes an ideal accompaniment to any work-out or training session. The energetic techno and rock and roll inspired exercise music on this album can be used as background music in gyms and fitness centers or for personal use on MP3 or CD players.

Middle Of The Road 2

Light rock, Latin and corporate options come together on this royalty free audio collection, featuring plenty of positive selections for your music library. Use as production music for film/video, retail music or music on hold. You'll be sure to increase optimism and patience in your listeners.

Science 1

These pieces of production music are as exciting as the presentations of technological advancements that they are meant to accompany. Royalty Free Music is pleased to provide the flagship of the "Science" series. These ten tracks were compiled from our extensive music library and will assist in presenting science documentaries.

Celebration of Life - Funeral Music, Funeral Home Music

Comfort and inspire with these royalty free music tracks, spiritual music that is ideal as funeral music , funeral video soundtrack or memorial video music. These beautifully recorded tracks would also work well as background music for a somber scene in a film or video.

Adrenaline Rush

Get your heart beating in multiple styles with this royalty free collection of energizing production music. Some tracks get the funk, while others bring out the brassy, happy sounds of '70s jazz. Synth keyboards, noodling guitar anthems and Cuban rhythms abound on this selection of stock music .

Branching Out

Funk, bossa nova, soft-rock, Latin and mellow jazz, romantic strings and a little bit of house come together on this compilation of royalty free music. There are endless background music possibilities for your PowerPoint, production or on-hold music with these 56 stock music tracks.

Spice of Life

This production music library offers moods from romantic to adventurous. Instrumentation includes funky harmonica, jazz piano, saxophone and be bop bass. Intrigue, exotica and Asian strings are featured on "Orient Express". Or travel to the jungle in "Rain Forest". There is plenty in this royalty free music anthology to score your production or add pizzazz to your PowerPoint or on-hold music.


A vast array of royalty free music tunes awaits your next production or presentation in this aptly titled stock music collection. This production music anthology features styles such as funk, Broadway, vaudeville, Spanish guitar, Reggae, classical piano and strings and more.

Classical Fusion 1

Classical music masters join with the world of electronics to create new versions of old favorites in this royalty free classical music collection. Add contemporary sophistication to your background music with this stock music anthology, perfect for retail, restaurants or for any production project or website.

Classical Fusion 2

What would the classical masters have done with a synthesizer? Find out with this collection of royalty free classical music, stock music that combines masterworks and electronics for a contemporary, sophisticated sound, ideal as background music and production music for a variety of projects.

Just Bass 1

The rich, deep tones of bass dominate on this stock music collection, covering a variety of styles, including jazz, funk and rock. Use as production music for film/video, bumper music or as music for websites and keep your audiences grooving.

Just Bass 2

A variety of bass and drum beds come together on this energizing download stock music album. Add these recordings to your production music library for use as bumper music or royalty free soundtrack music and get your audiences moving!

Science 2

These evocative, high-tech tracks of royalty free music are modern and engaging. Electronic and traditional instruments come together in this rich collection, perfect for presentation music , production music for film/video or background music for multimedia projects and slideshows.

Science 3

This modern, electronic collection of music royalty-free is ideal for creating a high-tech mood. Add these tracks to your production music library for use as slideshow music, multimedia music or for your film/video soundtrack. Whatever the use, your audiences will travel far and fast into the 22 nd century.

Science 4

Bring excitement to the notions of science and industry with this royalty free music collection, infused with futuristic energy for exploration and discovery. Electronic and traditional instruments join together on this collection, ideal as production music , slideshow music or presentation music.

Science 5

These exciting download stock music tracks are ideal as production music for high-tech thrillers or any project requiring futuristic energy. A multitude of electronic compositions offers possibilities as background music for presentations, multimedia or Flash loops for websites.

Science 6

Amp up the energy in your corporate music with this collection of royalty free music with a scientific-bent. Add rhythm and excitement to your presentation music, multimedia music, PowerPoint project or slideshow with these electronic tunes, ready for instant access and use.

Science 7

These high-energy tracks of music royalty-free are the perfect complement to medical or sci-fi dramas, suspense stories or technical presentation music. Add them to your production music library for a variety of applications or use as background music for multimedia and corporate use.

Science 8

These exciting music royalty-free tracks are ideal for adding energy and interest to your PowerPoint music, music for websites or production music for film/video. Whatever the application, audiences will sit up and take notice of these professionally recorded electronic pieces.

The Specialty Series offered by Award Winning Music includes two brand new volumes of downloadable royalty free music perfect for film, television and radio professionals that would like specialty production music for their distinctive projects. "Bumpers, Stingers, Intros and Exits" provides royalty free specialty music that can be used in television programs, films and radio programming to help illuminate critical moments in the project. The royalty free music in this collection acts as perfect musical punctuation and adds emphasis to any dramatic moment. Discriminating film, television and radio producers enjoy this set of tracks, and find it is a valuable resource for all their intro music and royalty free sound effects needs. The second volume, "Celebration of Life -- Funeral Music, Funeral Home Music" presents a tasteful mixture of appropriate, tasteful royalty free funeral music that will add positive grace and dignity to funeral scenes in films and in television programs. The specialty series is an excellent source of royalty free music for the most specific needs of film, television and radio. Those in search of high quality intro music, exit music, royalty free sound effects and funeral music will find no better resource than this series.