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The overwhelming presence of technology in every-day life is increasing the demand for computer skills in students. In the face of the growing number of computer programs and digital technology that have made life both easier and more complex, teachers are looking for new types of school projects to challenge and motivate their students and keep them up-to-speed with their environment.

Royalty Free offers large collections of royalty free music for school projects containing many selections that can be used free of charge by schools that qualify. Education professionals can fill out our application here .High quality royalty free music and free music for school projects will add life to everything from book reports to speeches to class presentations at assemblies and help add new dimensions to learning. Background music in every style from classical to rock, jazz and Hip Hop will keep students' interest high and teach them more about the new and ever-expanding libraries of downloadable music files that are cropping up everywhere.

Featured Music for School Projects

  Comedy / Suspense - This unique compilation of buyout production music offers an assortment of tracks, some suspenseful, some comedic and some a little bit of both. Styles include jazz, classical and contemporary, with instruments ranging from trumpet to synthesizer. This anthology is perfect background music for film and television projects.

  Piano Music - Volume 1 - Contemporary, soft piano themes for a variety of uses come together on this royalty free music collection. These stock music tracks are ideal for any music library and can be used as background music, production music, music for websites, on hold music or for professional presentations.

Additional Albums

Teachers and administrators work daily to improve the quality of education for children of all ages, and royalty free music is a perfect, affordable tool that can add excitement to virtually any school-related project. Because these collections of royalty free music for school projects contain no words, teachers and parents needn't worry about encountering inappropriate or distracting lyrics and can focus on teaching ways to integrate the music seamlessly into everything from student films to multi-media presentations about every topic, from history to English and even math. Also available at Royalty Free are other inexpensive, and in some cases, free tools to help better integrate the music into every imaginable sequence and segment. Pieces of music such as free loops, free beats and free music clips that change daily can also add variety to music libraries and add special features to student endeavors.

Every piece of music for school projects has been delicately performed and crafted by top artists, many who have won Gold and Platinum awards for their live performances on recordings. Students will enjoy the progressive and exciting sounds of techno , rock and Hip Hop music that rivals that heard in many of the young dance clubs and on the radio. The royalty free music for school projects in this eclectic collection will appeal to all ages and help bring color and technology to any classroom.

Additional Applications of our Music Beyond School Projects

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