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Royalty Free Wedding Music

royalty free wedding musicRoyalty free wedding music is one of the most memorable themes of life nearly every couple has 'their song," the song that was playing when they met, and the song which then underscored their first dance as man and wife. Every bride remembers the song playing when she danced her last dance as Daddy's little girl, and every mother holds a special place in her heart for her last dance with her baby boy. Played on anniversaries, at children's births, and for decades into the future, wedding music is truly the soundtrack of life.

For those whose careers allow them to spend nearly every day in the midst of such joyous occasions as weddings, it is vital to maintain a diverse and up-to-date catalog of services, themes, and products from which couples can choose elements of the most important day of their lives. Reception coordinators, wedding planners, photographers, and videographers are among those whose offerings can make or break a contract with a bride and groom. Keeping a well-rounded music library especially in terms of royalty free wedding music is one of the ways in which these professionals can help couples create a day to remember.

Wedding Music Albums:

Wedding and Soft Moods Compilation - The ideal royalty free wedding music for those involved in the production of wedding related CD's, video tapes, DVD's or the wedding photographer.

Sample Wedding Music Tracks:

11. Wedding March 1 02:11 [MP3] [Streaming]  [Order Track]
Sweet, simple piano rendition of Mendelssohn's classic "Wedding March." Ideal for those wanting a more personal version of the wedding standard.

12. Wedding March 2 02:14 [MP3] [Streaming]  [Order Track]
Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" performed in its traditional fashion -- the grandest of church organs. A rendition worthy of royalty.

While creating the right mood and sticking to a couple's desired theme on the wedding day presents its own challenges, compiling a collection of wedding music to help guests reminisce about the event months, years, and decades after it's passed can be even more difficult. A successful still photo montage or video production not only displays images of the event, it utilizes background music that complements and blends well with the ceremony music and the reception music. Because these selections are used for a professional for-profit venture, the designers are obligated to pay a copyright fee to the musical artist.

Royalty free wedding music presents a lower-cost alternative. From acoustic guitar to harp, new age, and traditional arrangements, royalty free wedding music provides a vast selection of themes, genres, and pieces that do not carry the same payment obligation. After the initial purchase, the music may be reused as many times as desired. Because the selections are of the highest quality, wedding professionals can feel confident when offering them to clients. In addition, the vast assortment means that one album contains tracks that will appeal to many different couples and coordinate with countless themes.

Brides and grooms deserve the utmost in quality and attention for their special day, and wedding professionals have a responsibility to do their best to provide a positive, meaningful experience not only on the wedding day, but for years to come. Royalty free wedding music provides a perfect venue for lowering overhead while still succeeding in creating poignant, moving, and timeless productions that will touch the audience's hearts for decades to come.

In addition to production music needs, royalty free wedding music is perfectly suited to use before the ceremony, while guests are leaving the ceremony site, for 'mingling music" prior to dinner, in between musicians' sets, and even as guests are leaving the reception. Whether background music, ceremony music, or music for video and photography productions, offers a wide variety of selections ideal for your royalty free wedding music needs.


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