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Royalty Free Music Buyout music library royalty free Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music is a type of music in which there are no on-going fees or royalties to be paid to the seller of the music or the artists that created it. Because of its versatility and affordability, it has become a critical tool in an array of industries. High quality royalty free music provided by rich libraries such as that presented by Award Winning Music can be used in nearly any project that would benefit from the addition of unique production music, background music, buyout music or music on-hold : film and television production aspects; radio programming; large and small businesses; schools.

The use of Royalty Free Music has been increasing steadily for a number of years. With that growth, the downloadable royalty free music offered by Award Winning Music has emerged as the industry leader for quality music.

The following albums are from our collection of royalty free music and are ideally suited for Royalty Free Music.

  Orchestral Film Themes from the 70's and 80's - From heroic to romantic, this collection of royalty free orchestral theme music is beautifully performed and versatile. These buyout music tracks are ideal as background music, television theme music , cues for film, video production music or music on hold and are a vital addition to your production music library.

  Soft Moods - Volume 1 - Soft Moods Volume 1 is the first installment in the Softer Moods Series and presents 17 complexly-textured tracks of royalty free music, OnHoldMusic, or an array of businesses and projects. For any company in need of unique New Age and light jazz background music or music on-hold, this compilation is ideal.

Additional Albums

Royalty free music enables an range of professionals including film producers, television producers, restaurant owners, music on-hold customers, educational institutions and others to utilize the highest quality music for their various projects without having to pay pricey on-going royalty obligations to various entities and individuals. Royalty free music allows industries to retain earnings without compromising quality or standards.

Companies that need video production music, film music or an entire film score often enlist the resources of high quality royalty free music libraries to fulfill their specialized needs. For those in need of any type of royalty free music for a major or independent motion picture, television program, or video project -- an entire score, background or foreground music, or a title theme Award Winning Music is the ideal source for premium downloadable royalty free music. Any industry in search of a royalty free music library that includes an affordable, comprehensive collection of royalty free music will be able to fulfill the needs of even the most specific production; the entire catalogue of Award Winning Music is available with no on-going costs or fees.

The resource of an ample royalty free music collection allows for the commercial use of music with no obligation or on-going royalty payment. The music offered by Award Winning Music is currently used by many national and international film, television and production companies, elementary and high schools, universities and large and small corporations. Film scoring, including title themes, background music, foreground music, and other aspects of video and television production are expensive and time-consuming endeavors, and the musical needs of every project are unique and very particular. Award Winning Music offers diverse anthologies of royalty free music perfect for all types of creative projects; its eclectic library will make the soundtrack of any motion picture, television program or video project as stunning and special as it would have been had original music been composed solely for its use; the background music and music on-hold will add a distinctive element to any office environment. The collection of royalty free production music available at Award Winning Music accommodates the music needs of the most discriminating industry professional at very affordable prices.

Award Winning Music has become the leading company selling and providing free royalty score music, video production music, background music as well as all other types of royalty free music and is well-equipped to serve any simple or complex need. For a company in search of sophisticated, first-rate royalty free music at affordable prices, the music library at Award Winning Music is the premium choice.

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