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Royalty Free Christmas Music

royalty free christmas musicRoyalty free Christmas music has become a mainstay for companies and business owners during the Christmas season, with retail stores piping Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Let It Snow into their aisles starting just after Halloween. Radio stations begin featuring 24-hour blocks and entire weekends of Christmas music only programming leading up to Christmas day, and many use the whole week before the holiday to play only Christmas music. This represents a significant amount of Christmas music, and Holiday season music.


Royalty Free Christmas & Holiday Music Series

Indulge yourself with holiday cheer with this series of Royalty Free Christmas Music. This special collection from Royalty Free Music allows you to immediately download MP3s or WAVs that will be ideal for on hold music, office background music, or company giveaways.
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  Haunted Halloween
Add some drama to your production music library with Haunted Halloween, a spooktacular collection of royalty free Halloween music and sound effects guaranteed to frighten audiences of all ages. Filled with 8 chilling tracks and 20 scary sound effects, this album is ideal for use as background music in haunted houses, horror films, and more.
  Christmas Jazz
Celebrate the season in style with this sophisticated collection of royalty free Christmas music.  Filled with traditional Christmas songs performed in contemporary jazz styles, this album will add some holiday spirit to your musiconhold, background music, or production music collection.
  Modern Jewish Themes
Using a variety of contemporary instruments and compositions, this collection of royalty free stock music offers a modern take on traditional Jewish music themes. Ideal for your production music library for use as background music or music for websites, this anthology is ready for immediate download and use.
  Heartfelt Christmas
Heartfelt Christmas is a collection of royalty free Christmas music in contemporary compositions, for use as video production music, musiconhold or retail background music. Inspirational and upbeat, these tracks of holiday cheer are ready for download and immediate use.
  Holiday Spirit
Holiday Spirit brings together instrumental favorites of the winter season in contemporary and tasteful compositions. These tracks of royalty-free music are perfect for promotional cds, as background music for your professional or broadcast project or as hold music.
  Royalty Free Christmas Music - Volume 1
These richly orchestrated pieces of royalty free Christmas music will set the perfect yuletide mood for retail, multimedia, websites, music on hold or film/video projects. Classics such as "Away in a Manager" and "Oh Holy Night" will put anyone in the holiday state of mind.
  Royalty Free Christmas Music - Volume 2
These beautifully orchestrated royalty free Christmas music recordings are done in a variety of styles, from traditional to those with new age infusions. This collection is perfect as musiconhold or as production music for multimedia, websites or film/video projects.
  Christmas Variety
Traditional Christmas songs are given new life on this download Xmas music album, featuring contemporary and energized performances of all your favorites. Light rock and jazz combine with classic instrumentation for a versatile and upbeat stock music compilation.
  Holiday Cheer

All your holiday favorites get delivered this year in one instrumental royalty free holiday music collection. Classics get a mellow updating with horns, bass, jazzy guitar, synth keyboards and up-tempo rhythms. It's a fun, yet sophisticated stock music anthology, perfect for your business, production or as music on hold.

From folk favorites to anthems, this collection of royalty free patriotic music has a variety of uses as production music , military music, background music for multimedia and professional projects, or as educational music.

Royalty free Christmas music, from our royalty free music library, provides the highest quality royalty free music for your on-hold-music, background music, music-on-hold, buyout music or production music needs, during the holiday season. For those whose careers afford them the opportunity to record the holiday spirit in video productions whether holiday weddings, company Christmas parties, or even family gatherings the selection of production music for the holidays is vast. Royalty free Christmas music, background music, music-on-hold, production music, on-hold-music, production music and buyout music from the Award Winning Music, royalty free music library, is the quintessential choice for your Christmas music, holiday music, and seasonal music needs.

Christmas Music Albums:

Royalty Free Christmas Music - Volume 1 Lush, tastefully orchestrated, traditional Christmas music selections. Royalty free Christmas music, ideal for video or cd productions that require Holiday and Christmas music, or free Christmas music promotions and give aways; background Christmas music for business establishments, as well as Christmas music on hold.

Sample Christmas Music Tracks:

5. Joy To The World 02:26 [MP3] [Streaming][Order Track]
Your heart will swell with celebratory joy at the sound of the first notes of this jubilant rendition of the classic Christmas carol. Resplendent in piano, strings, and ecstatic bells, you'll be in the Christmas spirit no matter the season.

6. O Come All Ye Faithful 03:10 [MP3] [Streaming][Order Track]
You won't be able to resist this hymn's beckoning, no matter how much like Scrooge you may feel. A classical arrangement of a holiday standard, this is Christmas spirit at its purest.

Royalty free Christmas music, also sometimes referred to as 'buyout music," is an excellent avenue through which any professional can build a music library of high-quality, professional arranged and produced tracks for any occasion. Adding a buyout music catalog of holiday and Christmas classics to your library allows you a far greater range of musical choices without the legal and financial obligation of copyrighted music. Rather than underscoring video productions with sappy versions of Christmas carols, use high-quality piano, acoustic guitar, and string-based versions of the classics for a sweetly sentimental soundtrack.

And, since there are no payment obligations beyond the initial purchase price, royalty free Christmas music can be used for any number of additional applications. Offer video clients a personal soundtrack on CD, blend the music into your normal music on hold rotation for an injection of company Christmas spirit, or use it as background music in stores, restaurants, and even day spas and salons. Use your imagination! Offer giveaways featuring Christmas CDs, or even just use the music at home to enhance the holiday mood around the dinnertable.

royalty free christmas musicTake that old Bing Crosby album home and use it for its intended purpose Christmas music for family celebrations. For professional use, give royalty free Christmas music a shot and see how your clients and audience respond to the poignant, refined sound of their favorite classic Christmas and holiday arrangements. With the right score, you can make that feeling of cozying up to one another by the fire with a warm glass of cider and a plate of Christmas cookies last a lifetime.

Regardless of the application, royalty free Christmas music offers the invaluable combination of reducing overhead through the elimination of pay-per-play costs while instilling in your clients a warm, family atmosphere that will create and maintain positive feelings about your company and services. Whether background music, production music, or music on hold and promotional music, offers a wide variety of selections ideal for your royalty free Christmas music needs.


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