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Ethereal Spaces

The divine and the unknown are explored in Ethereal Spaces , a collection of royalty free ambient music that takes the listener on a profound inner journey. With electronic, Middle Eastern and Asian influences, the album creates an expansive atmosphere for your production or multimedia project and is perfect as meditation music .

Relaxing Classics

These lush, royalty free classical music tracks include monastic chants and symphonic favorites. Beautifully performed and recorded, this copyright free music will add sophisticated atmosphere as restaurant music or background music for a film/video or multimedia presentation.

New Age Dreams 1

Strings, piano, acoustic guitar and synth effects weave an inspirational tapestry in this royalty free music collection, ideal as yoga meditation music , new age music, music on hold, film production music, background music, mood music and nature music. This versatile collection is a must-have for your production music library.

Human Emotion

The spectrum of emotion, from inspired to anxious, is played out in this broadcast quality collection of royalty free movie music. With piano, electronic elements and horns, this production music album will evoke deep sentiment from the audience of your film, video or multimedia presentation.

Contemporary Themes - Volume 1

This collection of royalty free music features a variety of styles, including easy acoustic guitar, funk and thoughtful piano. Use this buyout music as background music, music on hold or mood music. No production music library should be without this versatile compilation.

Contemporary Themes - Volume 2

Modern and versatile, this eclectic collection of royalty free music uses synth and traditional instruments to create refreshing instrumentals. These premium-quality tracks of buyout music are perfect for background music, on hold music or mood music. Download now for your production music library !

Contemporary Themes - Volume 3

Upbeat and mainstream, these happy themes of buyout music will set a positive tone as music on hold or background music for your production music library. Using a combination of acoustic and synth instruments, this contemporary music collection is sure to raise spirits and calm nerves.

Contemporary Themes - Volume 4

Create a softer mood with this royalty free music collection, featuring pieces in a variety of styles including jazz, new age and easy listening. These tunes make a mellow addition to your production music library, perfect for background music, film music or music on hold.

Contemporary Themes - Volume 5

Using a combination of acoustic and soaring synth elements, this album of royalty free music, for use as music on hold, music for film or music for television, raises spirits and sets the stage for positive and upbeat storytelling. Add this collection to your production music library by downloading now!


Isn't there always more than meets the eye? This collection of production music tracks offers expansive electronic sounds to move the audience through their inner or outer space, perfect for exploring new realms of the mind, science or the universe as documentary music or presentation music.


Add sophisticated atmosphere to your production music library with this royalty free stock music collection of ambient music tracks, ideal as music for websites or as background music for your film, TV or video project. Download now and use today!

Mystic Journey

From the playful pipe of a jester, to scenes of court intrigue, a hero's perilous trials, trumpets heralding the ultimate victory and a requiem for the fallen, this collection of production music evokes tales of great torchlit halls, knights and ladies fair. Add these mystical tracks as a royalty free soundtrack for your next project.


From light acoustic rock to modern psychedelia, this stock music collection is perfect for use as background music for film, video and multimedia projects and makes a great addition to your production music library. Set a mellow, but compelling tone with these tracks of copyright-cleared music.

Auras & Ambience

This fluid and relaxing royalty free ambient music is perfect music for yoga. Evoking a new age, expansive atmosphere, these tracks combine a variety of instruments, including pipes, harp and synth effects. They are also ideal as film/video production music or background music for your business or professional project.


This downloadable royalty free music collection is perfect new age music for everyday relaxing or for meditation music . Contemporary tracks using synth instruments, guitar, piano and horns will inspire and elevate the mood of customers and audiences alike. Get immediate access to this royalty free piano music now!

Inspirational / Optimistic

A variety of modern compositions using synth and traditional instruments come together in this collection of royalty free new age music. These tracks are ideal as hypnotherapy music, hypnosis music, meditation music  or as background music for your film or video project.

Soft Moods - Volume 1

Soft Moods Volume 1 is the first installment in the Softer Moods Series and presents 17 complexly-textured tracks of royalty free music, OnHoldMusic, or an array of businesses and projects. For any company in need of unique New Age and light jazz background music or music on-hold, this compilation is ideal.


TV themes of reflection and adventure are brought together in Introspection , a collection of royalty free production music that will add depth and intensity as background music for your film or video project. This album of 42 high-quality tracks is a vital addition to your production music library.

Ambient Music 1

This compilation of royalty free hypnosis music is also ideal for hypnotherapy music, meditation music , music for yoga and background music. These ambient tracks will relax and rejuvenate clients or classes. Available for immediate download and unlimited use!

Ambient Music 2

This versatile collection of royalty free ambient music is ideal for meditation music, hypnosis music or music for yoga. Piano and synth instruments create soothing sounds for presentations, classes or client sessions. These broadcast-quality tracks are ready for immediate use.

Atmospheric Moods 1

Moody and evocative, these royalty free audio tracks are ideal as meditation music, yoga music or production music for film and television. Using a variety of synth instruments and styles, these recordings will create an expansive mood in audiences and clients.

Atmospheric Moods 2

Add tension and suspense with this collection of royalty free music for film -- eerie background music for a variety of projects. Using a combination of traditional and synth instruments, these recordings will chill and engage listeners. They are must-have tracks for your production music library.

Sophisticated Cool

Piano, guitar, strings and synth instruments combine in this collection of royalty free background music, tracks of modern elegance that are perfect for hold music, presentation music or slideshow music .

The Award Winning Music library provides the Softer Moods series of royalty free music that is appropriate for businesses that require subtle and relaxing music, including spas, medical offices and video and television production companies. The softer royalty free music in this set of tracks promotes a relaxing atmosphere and works ideally as background music or on-hold music in any distinguished corporate environment. The downloadable royalty free music available in this collection includes guitar performances with a warm, glowing and light jazz flair, and keyboard pieces that are ethereal, watery and melodic. This anthology of softer royalty free music also works well as production music for a variety of video projects, including yoga and instructional videos. Discerning professionals will enjoy this first-rate royalty free music, and will find it the ideal choice for many of their specific musical needs.