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60's FlashBack

A foggy, paisley-strewn, free-love time warp back to the days of Vietnam, flower power, the British invasian and Jackie O. This collection features surf music, psychedelic rock, tributes to 60s classics, and one very laid-back sitar player.

Alternative Rock 10

Add a modern edge to your projects with this collection of royalty free alternative rock music.  Full of energy with catchy, edgy, and gritty guitar sounds, this album is ideal for use as corporate music or background music for TV, film, and advertising, a great contemporary addition to any production music library.

Atomic Pop

You get every persuasion of upbeat rock in this retail music collection: pop-punk, power-pop, pop-rock and heavy chorded top-40. It's all here and every royalty free stock music track delivers the feel good sounds of the music we all love.

Nuclear Blues

If your project has a badass attitude, check out Nuclear Blues , a collection of royalty free rock music that is perfect production music for any film or video looking to conjure the snarl of blues rock and its hard-living vibe.

Juiced Up

"Juice Up" your production music library with these bone-crushing, adrenaline-fueled tracks. Whether it's for sports high-lights or you are just in the need for extremely aggressive nu-metal royalty-free music. You simply cannot find any better sports music anywhere. And the best thing is that all these songs are copyright-free music.

Fun Fresh & Funky

Fun, Fresh & Funky is a collection of royalty free music that will amp up the energy and attitude in your professional presentation, website or film/video background music. Using electronic compositions, synth, snappy percussion and plenty of effects, this collection of download stock music will revitalize and engage your audience.


A variety of rock styles come together in Amped , a stock music collection perfect as promo music, game audio, sports music or background music. Add this anthology to your broadcast music library and kick up the volume!

Red Hot Blues

A variety of royalty free blues rock sounds come together in Red Hot Blues , expertly performed tracks that are perfect for production music or background music for any project. This royalty free audio is ready for immediate download and unlimited use.

Image Maker

Youthful and innovative, the tracks in Image Maker are ideal for any project needing to project a hip atmosphere. This collection of royalty free production music brings together pop instrumentals using electric and synth elements for use as background music, retail music or restaurant music. Make your space or project a happening!


Strong techno beats define the mood on Revolutions , a high-octane collection of royalty free music for Flash. Use these premium quality music clips as music for websites or as slideshow music. Whatever their application, you can have immediate and infinite use of these downloadable tracks right now!


This high-octane collection of Final Cut music will add plenty of energy to your video production music or film background music. This royalty free stock music anthology is also a great choice for game or multimedia projects. Download now for immediate use!

Rock Vol 18

This collection of royalty free rock music offers a full gamut of classic rock sounds, with lots of blues-inspired tunes for your favorite roadhouse and bigger tracks for your anthem moments. Move full throttle into faster riffs or get your power grunge fix on. You'll find a broad assortment of options for production music, workplace or professional projects, and music for websites .

Rock and Roll

Blazing rock music royalty-free comes together on this collection, providing powerful edge and a variety of choices for background music, production music or slideshow music. Engage and energize audiences with these high-octane sounds that are sure to get their attention!

Garage Band / Punk Rock

Royalty free garage band music, metal and indie selections combine on this source music collection, ideal for background music, production music, documentary music or music on hold. Get the bold, youthful sounds you need on this copyright-cleared anthology.

50's Rock

This era celebrates a lot of births: the poodle skirt, Superman, and most importantly, Rock n' Roll. Royalty Free Music honors the fifties with a compilation of buyout music perfect for nostalgic times. Stop that back seat bingo, don't be a square, and show Big Daddy how good you are with them roller skates at this stock music submarine race.

Positive Energy

Soft rock and easy electronica come together on this royalty free soundtrack collection. Positive Energy offers 40 tracks of varying lengths, perfect as on hold music, production music or background music. Acoustic instruments join with synth elements to create a relaxing, enriching sound experience for your customers and audiences.

Modern Retail

This album is a perfect collection of stock music for any ritzy, upscale retail store. You know, the kind where you walk in and all the models are super-skinny, and a T-shirt costs a 100 bucks. These songs range from radio friendly pop-rock to more obscure dance music that you would likely hear at a runway fashion show. This CD of retail music is perfect for any modern/urban shopping experience. Feel like you're in Paris or New York not your local department store that plays cheesy elevator music!


This album of pop music is dedicated to the unique surf genre and features elements such as resonant electric and steel pedal guitars, bass, percussion and organ that play melodies and harmonies ranging from slow to up-tempo. These background music tracks are perfect when used as royalty free music accompaniments to summer and beach scenes in film and television projects.


These upbeat royalty free music themes present warm guitar riffs, pop percussion, bass and bright keyboard melodies that are perfect accompaniments to many different contemporary professional projects. These light background music tracks combine elements of rock with country and contemporary styles to create a wide range of positive energies.

Trend Setters

This special background music album combines elements of pop with the unique sensibilities of techno music that features driving beats, synthesizers and percussion effects. The 10 royalty free music pieces in this compilation range from light techno with rock guitars and percussion to heavily sampled, harder and more experimental techno tracks.


The strains of upbeat acoustic guitar can brighten the gloomiest mood. Set a positive tone in your presentation music or production music with this collection of royalty free music for film. No broadcast music library can resist these beautifully recorded tracks, ready for immediate download and use.

Fun City

If you're looking to inject some fun, hip attitude into your presentation music or film/video background music, check out Fun City , a royalty free audio collection of modern pop instrumentals, using primarily snappy electric guitar, bass and keyboards.

Action Sequence

Amp up the action in your film or video with this royalty free rock music collection, certain to get your audience's blood pumping. From mean, slicing guitars to classic synth sounds, these production music tracks will keep the scene moving fast. It's a must-have for your production music library.


10 expertly crafted royalty free music tracks mark this guitar-centric album of riffs and melodies ideal for projects that require technically perfect background music with complex textures. Professionals will find pieces of rock music in every tempo that will make the perfect anthems for their important productions.


Whatever genre delivers high energy and a forward-thinking vibe, you've got it here in this selection of production music, from '80s pop-rock and Miami grooves to hard-driving guitars, trance, techno, even some swing. There is plenty to choose from in this collection of royalty free rock music for a variety of professional projects, workplaces and film/television uses.

Rock & Extreme

Whether you're working on a bar scene, a street scene or just need to create some bad attitude with your background music, check out Rock & Extreme , royalty free production music tracks from blues-rock to hard rock, done entirely with drums and electric bass. This download stock music is ready to be added to your production music library.


Techno and synth elements blend with live guitars to create a textured collection of electronica production music on Guitronica . A wide variety of tracks, from aggro to hypnotic, create endless possibilities for background music.


This collection of monster rockers is perfect video game music or music for sports . You won't find a more aggressive and powerful album of royalty free stock music for your multimedia needs. Pump up the volume and the adrenalin with tracks like "Anger Management" and "Rusted Skin".

Garage Rock

Monster cars and oil stains come to you via this production music collection, perfect music for sports or music for video games . From the stripped-down style of the 60s to the heavier textures of modern garage, the spectrum of Garage Rock creates loads of possibilities for your project.

Fun Rock 1

Get all the modern rock sounds you need with this royalty free soundtrack collection. From metal to indie, these contemporary tracks will set the right tone for your background music. Add to your production music library for use in film, video, TV shows or commercials.

Fun Rock 2

Upbeat acoustic and danceable tunes combine on this royalty free soundtrack collection, packed with production music and background music options. Use these download stock music tunes for your film, video, TV or multimedia project and create a youthful vibe.

Pop Foundations

Moody, intense and suspenseful, this collection of royalty free music beds is perfect for building tension and drama in the background music of your film or video project. Using a variety of compositions, including bells, synth instruments, drums and sound effects, this atmospheric album is a must for every production music library .

Rock Vol. 11

Complex and resonant, this stock rock music collection offers a variety of moods for your production music library. From straight-ahead alt to emo tunes, this download royalty free music anthology is ideal as background music for film/video, multimedia, slideshows or websites.

Rock Vol. 12

From upbeat to haunting, this royalty free music collection of rock tunes offers plenty of variety for your project. These tracks are perfect as background music or production music for multimedia, film/video and website use. Whatever the application, this anthology is sure to engage listeners' attention.

Rock Vol. 13

From emotional, piano-driven pieces to funk, this royalty free soundtrack music is a must for your production music library. Use as background music for web, multimedia projects, slideshows or film/video productions. Whatever the application, these tracks will add depth and interest for your audience.

Rock Vol. 14

These easygoing stock music tracks of laid back rock are just the thing to heighten emotion and engage listeners and clients. This royalty free music collection is ideal as background music for broadcast, multimedia, presentations, film/video or as music on hold.

Rock Vol. 15

This eclectic collection of download royalty free music contains a variety of rock styles, from laid back classic to pieces incorporating flute and piano. There's even some boogie woogie thrown in for good measure. All of these tracks are suitable as background music or music on hold.

Rock Vol. 2

Royalty Free Music compiled this anthology of production music that is ideal for a great range of projects. You have the option to add just a hint of rock to accompany that first teenage kiss. If that's too mushy, you can choose some crazed, aggressive stock music: the perfect background theme as your football team gets tackled.

Rock Vol. 3

This third album in the royalty free rock music series features lively and energetic driving beats. The intense music underscores the fast tempo of energetic drums and bass. This royalty free rock album of stock tracks is perfect for use in commercials or high energy events and projects.

Rock Vol. 5

Royalty Free Rock Music Volume 5 is an eclectic mix of alternative rock, stronger metal riffs and techno stock beats. This driving rock royalty free album will work well in a variety of different projects from commercials to documentaries where high energy production music is needed.

Rock Vol. 7

Add some driving music and put your audience at the edge of their seats. These tracks of production music will render your projects more aggressive with hard-core, distorted guitars and slamming drums. Royalty Free Music offers this exclusive collection as a way to grab hold of the attention of a younger demographic.

Rock Vol. 8

Need a lot of energy to drive your project to the next level? Royalty Free Music presents the eighth installment to the very popular "Rock" series. Ten uncompromising tracks will definitely deliver your message across. This album includes an authentic 50s rock that will be ideal while you wait with your crew at the drive thru.

Award Winning Music presents the all new Rock and Roll series of royalty free music, which consists of two distinct albums of rock and roll music ideal for a variety of companies and projects. The royalty free rock and roll music on the "Rock and Roll" volume works well for projects that need main stream, cutting edge royalty free rock and roll background music, on-hold music or production music. These downloadable royalty free music tracks can easily accompany powerful visual images, or scenes that specifically dictate the need for this type of rock and roll production music. The "Garage Band/Punk Band" anthology provides royalty free rock and roll music tracks that emulate the style of today's hottest punk and garage musicians. Film and television studios, along with progressive corporations can update their projects and offices with this exciting royalty free music compilation. The rock and roll series of royalty free music is chosen by discriminating, hip professionals throughout the world to fulfill their special musical needs..