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Restaurant Music


Royalty Free Restaurant Music

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  Royalty Free Music.com presents a comprehensive library of royalty free music ideal for use in restaurants. High quality, delicious and innovative food is the goal of any successful restaurateur; but a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is equally important to an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience, and, first-rate music that appropriately compliments the theme and attitude of the restaurant is critical. Restaurants that buy background music and music on hold must pay monthly, often expensive, licensing fees to music providers, such as BMI and ASCAP to cover the on-going royalty obligations to the various entities involved in the composition, production and performance of the music they use. The monthly costs incurred when restaurants pay a monthly fee to a music provider can frequently total thousands of dollars.

Restaurant Music
   European Traditions
Themes of Italian and French music. Includes traditional standards and original compositions.
Island Traditions
Feel the rythm; feel the rhyme. Traditional & original music suited for your summer productions.
   Asian Music 1
Is it politically correct to go through the “Oriental Aisle”? Royalty Free Music has selected some of the best Asian production music from their music library to present you the flagship of the “Asian Music” series. These stock music pieces are ideal for film, television, and perfect for giving your restaurant an authentic ambience.
   Latin Music 1
Play your castanets and stomp the flamenco. Royalty Free Music presents a compilation of buyout music so authentic you'd swear your supreme burrito tastes better. These production music tracks are perfect for fiestas or watching telenovelas. Why a bull never chases a red-caped superhero, I will never know.
   Jazz Solo Piano 1
The piano, added with the complexity and emotion of jazz, is the main feature of this exclusive Royalty Free Music album. The stock music in this collection presents an extensive spectrum of jazz music, from the very traditional to the recent contemporaries. This compilation will add that smoky lounge vibe to any project you choose.
   Cocktail 1
This Royalty Free Music collection of stock music is the perfect background as you relax and unwind with your favorite cocktail. These production music tracks will soothe you and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This album is ideal for giving any lounge or lobby the ambience of a four-star establishment.
   Smooth Jazz 1
Combining the sophistication of Jazz with funky rhythms, this Royalty Free Music compilation is the ideal mix of class and fun. This anthology of production music has a multitude of uses, from adding an elegant but lively feel to your restaurant, sparking class in your presentations, or grooving to the beat just enough to not get down on it.
   European SideWalk Cafe
Qu'est-ce que vous voulez boire? Coffee to go?!? Take a seat and sip your latte as Royalty Free Music croons to you with this exclusive compilation of production music. This collection is ideal for film, television, and radio projects that need that European touch. It's also perfect as background music as you glide through the canals of Venice.

Restaurant Music The collection of royalty free music for restaurants offered by Award Winning Music contains everything from classical to New Age to more contemporary, cutting edge styles such as Euro, Techno and dance music, and because it is all royalty free music, there are no on-going fees or royalties to be paid to the seller of the music or the artists that created it. Because of its versatility and affordability, it has become a critical tool in an array of industries. The royalty free restaurant music from Award Winning Music enables restaurant owners to provide the highest quality restaurant music for their clientele, while never having to pay ongoing fees to performing rights societies. Royalty Free Music.com offers hundreds of unique tracks that will perfectly satisfy the musical needs of every restaurant, whether it is large, small, brand new or has been in the neighborhood for decades. The staff at Award Winning Music can recommend a package or custom design it to suit a restaurant’s very specific needs. Restaurant clientele will have a more enjoyable experience making reservations over the phone or waiting for their table to be ready while listening to the innovative background music and on-hold music, and the restaurant will find more contented guests that are more open to enjoying their cuisine, and, returning again and again.

Royalty Free Restaurant Music

  New Age Dreams 2 - Soaring strings, piano and synth keyboards create a mood of relaxation and inner expansion on this album of royalty free new age music. This high quality collection is perfect for your production music library and can be used as background music , production music, music on hold, documentary music, yoga music and meditation music.

  Country Blues and Roots - This royalty free music collection combines traditional country music styles with contemporary country music sensibilities for an album that is ideal as background music or music on hold. This versatile anthology is a must-have for your production music library.

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