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Recording Studio

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Award Winning Music offers a highest quality royalty free music fo the recording studio, accomodating the needs of the most discerning buyer.

Award Winning Music provides a high end royalty free music for the recording studio, to accommodate the needs of the most discerning producers. Or, if your needs are more specific, and budgets are less of a concern, we can produce original music scores, source music, cues, etc, utilizing the best musicians and facilities in the music industry. Musicians whose credentials and discographies include hundreds of gold and platinum recordings, countless film and television scores, commercials and jingles you hear, in theatres, on television, and on the radio, around the world, every day.

Recording Studio Music

  Guitar Music Themes - Volume 3 - Ideal when used as background music and production music in many film, television and video projects. Instruments such as strings, bass and keyboards punctuate these well-crafted guitar pieces that can also be used as music on-hold for nearly any business.

  Hip-Hop/Techno/Dance/Salsa - This eclectic collection of stock music brings together dance styles with salsa, hip hop and techno in 12 premium quality recordings. Use these sound clips as background music for websites and multimedia projects or as production music for film, video and TV.

In the event that your needs include film, television or video production, our staff can also accommodate that requirement. Prior clients include The Rolling Stones, Bergdoff-Goodman in Manhattan, and the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition.

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