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Production Music Libraries

Production Music Libraries

  Essential Post Production Collection - 5 CDs - This mammoth collection of royalty free audio is a must-have for your post production music library. You get 160 tracks in a wide array of styles and lengths, making this download stock music anthology truly essential for any type of background music.

  Ultimate Post Production Collection - 10 CDs - Royalty Free Music presents the motherload. This collection includes 10 of the most versatile CDs that we carry. With more than 125 production music tracks, you are sure to find the ideal piece of music to accompany your project, whether it be a PowerPoint presentation or the film score for the highly anticipated new trilogy.

Production Music from

Production music refers to the type of music used by producers as background music for movies, television, commercials, computer games, websites, corporate productions and many other types of multi-media presentations. High quality royalty free production music libraries and production music libraries are an excellent source of background music for film, television and multi-media professionals because they allow for the simple purchase of licensing rights in one easy step. And because royalty free music is inexpensive and purchased at a one-time low fee it can be used for a lifetime without worries about paying monthly or annual fees in the future. High quality royalty free music anthologies such as those found at also present an incomparable selection that can be purchased by anyone looking for background music and royalty free production music to complete any demanding project.

Production music has its roots in 20th century popular culture. In the early 20th century, production music in the United States referred to incidental music used for dramatic plays and pageants and later for films, radio plays and television programs. In Europe and other places abroad, production music was called atmospheric music, mood music, effects music, background music and cinema music. This type of background music did not become universally known as production music until the 1960s.

Film scoring, or the creation of Production music specifically for films began in the first part of the 20th century when silent films became part of popular culture. Initially production music for films was limited to excerpts from classical music pieces. In 1909, Thomas Edison began to create films that included printed sheet music for live musicians to play along with the action on-screen. This first film production music was called "suggestions for music" and could be purchased or improvised from memory by silent film accompanists performing live during the film's showing. Production music and the process of "film scoring" originally consisted of awkward live performances of improvisational segues.

By the 1920s, background music for silent films became more prevalent as composers, including those working with the U.S. publishing company Sam Fox Moving Picture Music started to write music specifically for the motion picture industry. Much of the production music came from European composers specifically specializing in piano and organ music. The first published book of production music for films consisted of 25 piano pieces, though there had at this time been over 1,500 published compositions of silent film background music and production music. Live orchestras started to accompany silent films at the larger theaters in Hollywood.

Composers and performers creating background music and production music during the era of silent films paved the way for the richness of production music, background music, royalty free production music and royalty free music libraries for television, film, radio and multi-media projects of today. The 1920s brought about the first officially "special material" works that would create a basis for melodramatic accompanying music and cue music. While many of the composers of original production music have since been nearly forgotten, their works represented the first time producers and directors strayed from a strictly classical music-based film score.

Production music in recorded form first made its appearance in the 1940s in New York City. New York music agents Emil Ascher and Thomas J. Valentino began to borrow from growing European production music and background music libraries and started to package these film cues by the 1950s to add as music for films, television shows and radio plays.

The marketing techniques seen today for production music collections in the music industry did not start until the 1960s and 1970s. Production music in contemporary styles was peddled to producers and directors in television and film and collections of jingles could be purchased. The 1970s and 1980s gave birth to the popularity of soundtracks to films that could be purchased by the public to remind them of the production music they heard and enjoyed as part of the film-going experience.

Today, production music and background music has become prevalent within the film and television industry, and the Internet has brought about new opportunities for professionals across industries to use background music in stunning multi-media formats. Previously producers and directors were limited to purchasing all their production music from major music providers that owned all the licensing rights to the music and charged high fees to professionals for its use. The other option was for film and television directors and producers to hire a composer to specially craft music for their projects, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Reputable royalty free music companies like offer an affordable alternative to music offered by major music providers. With libraries of royalty free production music and background music that represent every style from classical to rock, pop, jazz and everything beyond, is the premier choice for high quality film score music. And because all tracks and albums of royalty free music are available for a one-time low fee that gives purchasers the right to use them indefinitely in all their projects, they can become a permanent addition to personal and professional music libraries and accompany every imaginable multi-media project.

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