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Award Winning Music features albums of downloadable royalty free music ideal for use in any PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint presentations are critical components of many successful professional presentations for both large and small businesses. With the inception of many new computer software programs that include high-tech multi-media capabilities in recent years, professional presentations have gone from minimalist slide shows that include charts, graphs and simple data to ground-breaking productions that incorporate animation, film, and comprehensive musical soundtracks. Professionals throughout the world are discovering that affordable, royalty free PowerPoint presentation music is a perfect choice to fulfill their unique needs.

The Corporate Presentation Series provided exclusively by Award Winning Music features high quality, royalty free music that includes vigorous, complex and powerful pieces that act as perfect accompaniments to visual images and help enhance themes of vision, purpose, focus, strength and success. All three volumes of corporate presentation music contain tracks that will compliment a variety of projects , particularly powerful visual pieces and motivational seminars that help drive audiences towards stellar achievements and new purpose.

Sample PowerPoint Presentation Music Tracks:

PowerPoint Presentation Music Albums:

Corporate Presentation - Volume 1 - This high-energy collection of royalty free corporate music is a versatile addition to your production music library . Use it as background music, production music, music on hold, documentary music or motivational music and be sure to raise audiences' spirits and interest level. Download Album $124.95   Purchase Audio or Wave CD $0.00

Sample PowerPoint Presentation Music Tracks:

Born To Win 01:58 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
This driving piece pairs bright horns with deep, steady drums and multi-textured percussion effects. Top20 track

Network News Suite 03:21 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
Melodic strings and electric guitar accompany an up-tempo piano line, then slow into a dramatic middle section and grand finale in this majestic track. Top20 track

The project manager of the PowerPoint group at Microsoft was quoted as saying that their engineers included so many features so people would have a wide variety to choose from and that, while they were all available for use in any presentation, they shouldn't all be used in the same presentation. Many PowerPoint presentations are overwhelmed by excessive title fly-ins, slide transitions, blinking lights, and other standard PowerPoint add-ons. While Microsoft has expert knowledge of visual and directly technical/software aspects of their presentation software, the PowerPoint Presentation software does not necessarily provide a comprehensive collection of professional music of the highest quality that will fit perfectly with all the different presentation possibilities.

Award Winning Music proudly offers an extensive library of royalty free PowerPoint presentation music that can be used to accent a variety of topics and audiences, both in and out of the office. With all the different types of inspiring, royalty free music available at, professionals are sure to find memorable, professional additions to their PowerPoint Presentations that will make just the right musical impression on any audience.

The royalty free music for PowerPoint Presentations provided by Award Winning Music is the most affordable choice for any discerning corporation or individual, and is performed and composed by musicians that have created the music heard throughout the world in a variety of television commercials, movie theatres and on the radio. Many soundtracks and professionally recorded albums that might initially seem like perfect choices for PowerPoint presentations carry a legal obligation to pay copyright fees, while royalty free music presents an excellent lower-cost alternative to those payments. Also recorded by professional musicians and in the same studios used to record that Hollywood soundtrack, royalty free music carries no per-play obligation. After the initial purchase and payment, the client permitted unlimited replay of the music. And the possibilities for creative use within the realm of a stirring and impressive PowerPoint presentation are as limitless as the client's imagination.

When it comes to background music for a PowerPoint presentation is the provider of choice, used by countless clients in a variety of industries throughout the world.


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