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On hold music is a source for amusement for many people. While technology has improved by leaps and bounds and telephone systems are capable of so much more than a decade ago, most companies still subject their on hold music themes to cheesy, overly sentimental renditions of popular hits or even those that were never popular. On hold music doesn't have to be a joke in your company when it can easily be a motivating force for customers, fun programming for employees, and memorable to both. Wouldn't it be great to have people saying, "That ABC Company has the best on hold music you should call just to hear it!"? Sure it would. The right on hold music can bring in new clients, paying customers, or just enhance their experience with and connection to your business.

On Hold Music Albums:

Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 3 - Using a variety of styles and instruments, with synth embellishments, these easy listening buyout music recordings are ideal for your production music library. Use them as background music, music on hold , restaurant music or business music. Not your daddy's muzak! Download Album $99.95   Purchase Audio or Wave CD $0.00

Sample On Hold Music Tracks:

San Francisco Afternoon 04:01 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]

Glistening Ocean 03:42 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
Delicate guitars and keyboards harmonize to provide rich layers of sound as they are accompanied by soft background effects in this romantic New Age track. Top20 track

If you use sales audio or advertising voice-overs in your on hold music, why not change it up a little and add a funky soundtrack? Clients tune out if your only on hold music is speech followed by tacky music, so give them something to groove along to in between your pitches.

Royalty free on hold music, also referred to as "buyout music," is an excellent avenue through which any company, small or large, can build a music library of high-quality, professional arranged and produced tracks for their on hold music or company needs. Adding a buyout music catalog to your on hold music library allows you a far greater range of scoring choices without the legal and financial obligation of copyrighted music. Rather than using low-quality tracks for hold music, use high-quality piano, acoustic guitar, and even rock and roll selections for on hold music combinations that are uniquely your own.

And, since there are no payment obligations beyond the initial purchase price, royalty free on hold music can be used for any number of other applications. Use the music at your corporate functions for background music, give away CDs to clients as more memorable business cards or for promotional material (the music is that good!), or anything else you can dream up. Use your imagination!

Regardless of the application, royalty free on hold music offers the invaluable combination of reducing overhead through the elimination of pay-per-play costs while enhancing mood, memory, and connection with your company. Whether background music, production music, or on hold music and promotional music, offers a wide variety of selections ideal for your royalty free on hold music needs.


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