This royalty free music series features albums of music on hold with reassuring messages made for telephone systems and designed to help improve professional customer service and keep callers engaged and on the line for a longer period of time than with standard on-hold music or messages on hold. These anthologies of royalty free music present contemporary tracks of music on hold in styles ranging from smooth jazz and light jazz to unique New Age with instrumentation that includes strings, woodwinds, saxophone, guitar, piano and various percussion implements. These original royalty free music tracks will provide companies in any industry with appealing on-hold music and background music for telephone systems.

Each album offers a varied collection of royalty free music with messages on hold telling callers standard information about the duration of their wait. Messages on hold such as "Your call will be answered in the order it was received" and "Please hold the line, someone will be with you shortly" play every twenty seconds over beautifully orchestrated background music from the royalty free music library. As with other tracks of music in the music on hold library, these selections are composed, produced and performed by expert artists in the music industry that have won many awards for the musical works. Studies have shown that companies using music on hold combined with messages on hold achieve greater customer satisfaction, thus keeping more callers on the line for longer and increasing their desire to buy products and services in the present and in the future. The royalty free music in the On-Hold Music with Messages series is perfect for professionals that insist on the finest quality for their most important clients and businesses.