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Royalty Free Music for Pediatricians
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Award Winning Music presents royalty free music for use by pediatricians and in children's medical offices. Visits to the pediatrician can be stressful experiences for both parents and their children. Pediatric offices serve children of all ages with all types of health needs, many who are nervous about a doctor's visit. Because simply the idea of a doctor's visit, even just a routine check-up, can be challenging for so many parents and children, pediatricians and medical professionals must create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to healing and relaxation within their offices. Award Winning Music provides a wide variety of high quality downloadable royalty free music that can fulfill the musical needs of pediatric offices.

The following albums are from our collection of royalty free music and are ideally suited for pediatricians.

  Children's Music Classics 1 - All the classic favorites of childhood are presented on this album of downloadable children's music . From "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to "Have You Seen the Muffin Man", all of these stock music instrumental tracks are broadcast quality and ideal for a variety of production music uses.

  Children's Music Classics 2 - Favorite tunes of childhood are performed with strings, piano, bells and flute in this downloadable royalty free children's music album. Traditional children's songs such as "Hickory Dickory Dock" and "Ten Little Indians" are ideal as music-on-hold or background music for any child-related business, film/video or multimedia project.

Additional Albums

Compilations of royalty free music for pediatric offices such as the royalty free Children's Music series are ideal when used as background music in the waiting room. The delicate textures of the familiar children's melodies will soothe children and parents and help engage them as they wait to see the doctor. The traditional children's songs on this two-album set of downloadable royalty free children's music include popular melodies such as "Have You Seen the Muffin Man as well as several original songs. This royalty free music for general practices can be used as music on-hold for patients calling to make appointments or as background music within the office itself. Medical professionals will find an array of royalty free music perfect for any part of their daily business. Doctors, nurses and staff will find this first-rate music calming and fanciful, and parents and children will feel more at ease about the experience of calling or visiting the pediatrician.

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