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June 26th, 2008

The word "slideshow" often conjures up images of 35mm slides, projectors, and screens. However, digital cameras have made these types of slideshows a relic of the past. In today's terms, a slideshow is an electronic presentation of photos, text, or illustrations. Most slideshows are now accompanied by music. has a comprehensive catalog of slideshow music to fit the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

There are a number of different programs available to create slideshows. Part of the Microsoft Office package, Microsoft's Powerpoint is among the most popular of these programs. Powerpoint allows users to build slideshows using a series of "slides" that can contain music, video, text, illustrations, and photos. This program makes it easy to create professional-quality slideshows by providing users with templates and the ability to animate text and images. Ideal for small or large presentations, Powerpoint slideshows can be viewed on a computer screen or using a video projector. Check out's free tutorial and tips for using royalty free Powerpoint music with Microsoft Office for detailed instructions on how to add slideshow music to your Powerpoint presentations.

If you are looking for an alternative to costly slideshow software such as Powerpoint, look no further than the Internet. Typing the word "slideshow" into your favorite search engine will yield a multitude of results for free slideshow programs. These programs provide users with simple means of uploading and editing photos and video to create impressive slideshows for personal and business use. Although free slideshow programs are user-friendly, many of these programs restrict the use of slideshow music. The vast majority of sites have their own music libraries so users can only use the songs contained in these libraries in their slideshows. However, some programs such as Vuvox and Slideroll permit users to upload their own slideshow music. Users should be cautious when uploading music for slideshows created with these programs. Although you may think it is OK to use your favorite Beyoncé song as background music for your slideshow, Beyoncé's manager and record company may have a different opinion and expect you to pay a huge licensing fee. To avoid any potential licensing issues, choose music from's royalty free music library to accompany your slideshows.

Slideshows can be used for a variety of different purposes. Executives often create slideshows to present important information to clients and colleagues.'s corporate presentation series features several royalty free slideshow music collections that are perfect for adding a finishing touch to slideshows that are certain to win over potential clients and impress your boss. Filled with an assortment of tunes designed to complement your slideshow, Corporate & News Loops 2 will motivate audiences and project an aura of success for any project.

Students of all ages use slideshows for classroom presentations and special school projects. Adding music to your educational slideshows can help you earn a better grade and keep your teacher or professor and other students interested in what you have to say. Educational Video Loops 2 is a collection of positive music that can be incorporated into slideshows for a variety of school subjects, including science, social studies, English, and math.

Many couples use slideshows to entertain guests at rehearsal dinners, receptions, or other wedding events. Slideshows featuring baby pictures and photos chronicling the couple's relationship can create poignant memories of any wedding celebration.'s weddings and romance series features a collection of music in an array of musical styles, including classical, acoustic, and jazz. Wedding, Romance, and Softer Moods - Volume 2 includes 11 high quality royalty free romantic songs, the perfect accompaniment to any wedding slideshow.

Myspace and Facebook provide the perfect outlets for sharing slideshows of pictures from your last vacation or a recent party with your friends. Most slideshow programs make it easy to upload your slideshows directly to your Myspace or Facebook page. Choosing music that captures your mood can make your slideshow and your page more interesting. Web Video Sountracks Volume 2: Tongue in Cheek adds a comedic effect to lighthearted social networking slideshows.

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