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October 9th, 2008

After years of fighting against the use of unlicensed music in videos posted on the internet, the music industry has partnered with YouTube to create a new synchronization licensing model that allows users to incorporate copyrighted music into their projects without paying additional fees. YouTube's Content Identification Program enables music companies to monitor videos to spot unlicensed music using an automated video/audio matching system or manual review. Previously, YouTube removed videos that feature unlicensed music upon the request of music companies. However, YouTube recently announced that it will no longer delete videos with unauthorized music content. Instead of removing the videos, YouTube now places ads on pages that feature videos containing unlicensed music (check out the video for The Wedding of Sian & Stu , a video that includes copyrighted music from Universal Music Group, for an example of these ads). Rather than receiving royalties from YouTube users for the music featured in their videos, music labels now receive a portion of the revenue generated from advertisements found on video pages. Although this may sound like a win-win situation for YouTube users and music labels, there are several issues that you should consider before posting a video containing unlicensed copyrighted music on YouTube.

First of all, users have no control over which ads are posted on their video pages. YouTube has the authority to select advertisements for your page and can change them at any time. These advertisements could make it appear as though you support the particular product, service, or company featured in the ad, even if it conflicts with your personal beliefs or opinions. Second, although you can post a video containing unlicensed copyrighted music on YouTube, you may not be able to legally post your video elsewhere on the internet. Other video sharing sites such as Google Video and MSN Video have not created alternative models for music synchronization. If you post a video with unlicensed music on these sites, your video may be removed and you could incur legal penalties from music companies.

Royalty free stock music is a simple solution for individuals who want to avoid the problems discussed above. When you download stock music from the library , you won't have to worry about unwanted ads on YouTube. Furthermore, you can post your video on multiple video sites without incurring legal scrutiny from music companies. If you are looking for great royalty free stock music for your YouTube video, don't miss these titles:

Fun, Fresh, & Funky is a collection of royalty free stock music that will amp up the energy and attitude in your video or film. With electronic compositions, synth, snappy percussion, and plenty of effects, this collection of download stock music will revitalize and engage your audience.

Urban & Dance will create an unforgettable groove for your YouTube video. This collection of royalty free dance music includes tracks of techno, electronica, house, and trance music. Your audiences will not be able to stop moving to this high quality stock music .

World Groove features global rhythms from the Amazon to Bollywood. The Royalty free stock music found on this collection creates a melting pot of sounds ideal for your production music library, adding the perfect background music to videos dealing with people and places around the world.

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