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February 12th, 2009

As you navigate through the world of production music searching for the perfect sound for your projects, you will encounter production music in several different formats. Sites like offer both royalty free music CDs and royalty free music downloads in WAV or MP3 format whereas other sites specialize in royalty free sample CDs. Although royalty free music CDs and royalty free sample CDs have similar names, these two products are dramatically different. Royalty free sample CDs contain snippets that are the building blocks that musicians use to create their music. For example, a sample CD may feature only a guitar melody or a drum loop. A musician could take this sample and add a recording of him playing a cool bass riff or saxophone solo to create a finished song. In contrast, royalty free music CDs feature finished compositions that can be used for video soundtracks, background music , or music on hold.

Royalty free music CDs and royalty free sample CDs also differ in their licensing structures. Two of our favorite sample CD libraries, Ilio and East West Samples , prohibit their sounds from being used commercially unless two or more musical elements have been added. In other words, you cannot purchase a royalty free sample CD from one of these libraries and use the tracks by themselves as background music for your film or in any other project. If you are not a musician, adding two additional musical elements to the tracks could be a costly and time consuming endeavor. Royalty free music CDs from are not subject to this type of usage restriction. When you purchase a royalty free music CD from , you can incorporate the music directly into whatever project you are working on without adding additional musical elements. However, our licensing agreement allows you to add musical elements to the tracks if you desire.

Check out the latest royalty free music CDs from :

Spot on Remixes : Mix up your broadcast music library with this collection of remixed favorites from our production music library. Jammed with a variety of versatile electronica, pop, rock, techno, and new age tunes, Spot n Remixes is the perfect background music for films, websites, TV programs, multimedia presentations, and more.

Infomercial Insomnia : Can't sleep? This collection of infomercial music will keep you glued to the tube as you watch customers rave about super-strength putty, egg shaped foot care products, and mega slicer/shredders. Filled with motivating royalty free new age music, Infomercial Insomnia is also ideal for use as presentation music and music on hold .

Corporate Longform Vol. 2 : Take the guesswork out of finding the right royalty free soundtrack for longer projects with this collection of royalty free music for longform. Unlike Corporate Longform Vol. 1 , which contains longer single tracks, Corporate Longform Vol. 2 features 3 sets of tracks that can be paired together for seamless PowerPoint music, training video music, and corporate music soundtracks. Choose from electronica, new age, or acoustic pairings

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