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Music for Meditation and Healing from Royalty Free can be used as background music or production music for a wide variety of businesses and projects.

Each year, many people seek alternative therapies to medicine to help heal mind, body and spirit. Music is a great source of healing for individuals and a wonderful accompaniment to professional meditation and healing sessions including yoga classes, acupuncture sessions, massage sessions and other forms of group therapy. Since the cost in both time and money can be great for those seeking the perfect music to compliment their sessions, many healing professionals choose to use high quality, affordable royalty free music for meditation and royalty free music for healing. Award Winning Music offers peaceful royalty free music for meditation and healing from many different genres including classical, light jazz and New Age, many with relaxing and natural ambient sounds such as rainfall and wind that will make meditation and healing sessions as soothing and effective as possible for clients.

Many healers keep small numbers of clients in order to give them the personal attention and experience that will help the healing process and make them feel as comfortable as possible with their surroundings. Often their budget is very strict, and, paying on-going royalty fees associated with buying the rights to popular music is not an option, so they seek solace in including royalty free music libraries . Royalty Free offers only the finest royalty free healing music to accentuate every type of healing and to decrease anxiety in those receiving acupuncture treatments and all types of massage and physical therapy. Soft and unique pieces of royalty free music with nature sounds and flowing melodies and harmonies provide a calm atmosphere both so healers can work their magic, and clients can get the best results from their session.

Featured Music for Meditation and Healing

  New Age Dreams 1 - Strings, piano, acoustic guitar and synth effects weave an inspirational tapestry in this royalty free music collection, ideal as yoga meditation music , new age music, music on hold, film production music, background music, mood music and nature music. This versatile collection is a must-have for your production music library.

  New Age Dreams 2 - Soaring strings, piano and synth keyboards create a mood of relaxation and inner expansion on this album of royalty free new age music. This high quality collection is perfect for your production music library and can be used as background music , production music, music on hold, documentary music, yoga music and meditation music.

Additional Albums

Meditation leaders and meditation groups with limited budgets often search for royalty free music for meditation that will blend perfectly into the background and allow group members to truly relax and free their minds. Award Winning Music offers royalty free music for meditation with delicate instrumentation that will create a relaxing atmosphere for meditation groups. The royalty free healing music and royalty free music for meditation also makes an excellent addition to any personal music library.

The royalty free music for meditation and healing featured by Award Winning Music is chosen daily by countless healing professionals and experts that insist on using only the highest quality, most soothing music available and will be a wonderful supplement to any personal or professional royalty free music library.

Additional Applications of our Music Beyond Meditation and Healing

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