Video Yearbooks

Technology rules today's world and is constantly evolving to revolutionize the way people accomplish tasks and projects. At the forefront of the technology field are young people that strive to pave new pathways for themselves and connect through the use of the Internet, computer graphics and digital music software and programs.

Young people from junior high, to high school and college are collecting memories at a quick pace. Their experience as they travel through school is often marked and commemorated by yearbooks, and with video yearbooks as a current possibility rather than a future dream, introduces a collection of royalty-free music for video yearbooks that will help capture the spirit of the year for all age groups.

Video yearbooks are quickly becoming a fun, interactive way to capture student life. The availability of high-quality and inexpensive royalty-free music and even free music for video yearbooks offered as background and production music from Royalty Free Music gives students, teachers and other faculty inexpensive ways to professionalize the project. The music for video yearbooks come in all different styles to help encapsulate the spirit of the many distinct personalities that exist at every school.

Whether for an action-based segment about school sports or a general overview of campus life, this library of royalty-free music for video yearbooks and free music for video yearbooks will have the ideal sound to capture any major or every-day event. For creative segments, interludes and other needs, collections of free music for video yearbooks with sound effects, loops and beats that can accompany spoken word or dance.

Featured Music for Video Yearbooks

Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 1

Create a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere with this stock music collection, ideal as retail music , hold music or as background music for your film, video or professional presentation. These contemporary and upbeat tracks use a variety of acoustic and synth instruments for a modern and lively feel.

Corporate Presentation - Volume 3

With a variety of moods, country to urban, this contemporary collection of royalty free music provides a world of soundtrack choices for your project. Use as PowerPoint music , documentary music or background music for any film/video project.

Because a school, college or university consists of teachers, students, administrative faculty, coaches and many other employees, the music that captures the entire organization cannot typically be narrowed down into one category. The royalty-free music for video yearbooks and free music for video yearbooks offered in the comprehensive library at truly runs the gamut of styles. For students, there is cutting edge, instrumental Hip Hop, techno and rock music with exciting electric guitar, percussion and keyboard sounds along with a variety of effects. For faculty and other staff, classical, jazz and light contemporary music featuring resonant sax, lush strings and other improvisational, traditional instruments might best accompany their segments on video.

All the music for video yearbooks featured is of the highest quality, performed and created by award-winning musicians and artists that have worked with some of the best and most widely-known groups and musicians in their fields.