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Photographers have become the historians of the 20th and 21st century. In addition to the photographers at work for publications like National Geographic, TIME, and other major news outlets whose photos can represent an entire generation, wedding photographers, family portrait photographers, and others capture a spirit that is distinct to their region, their town, their community. These photographers don't travel to an exotic location once a year and shoot what they see in a week. These photographers live with their subjects they're just down the street, they know them, they know their families, and they often know their hopes and dreams. These photographers capture some of the most important moments in time for their friends and family, and those moments can be examined years and decades after the fact as a statement about the time, the people, the era.

Photographers Music Albums:

Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 3 - Using a variety of styles and instruments, with synth embellishments, these easy listening buyout music recordings are ideal for your production music library. Use them as background music, music on hold , restaurant music or business music. Not your daddy's muzak! Download Album $99.95   Purchase Audio or Wave CD $0.00

Sample Photographers Music Tracks:

San Francisco Afternoon 04:01 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]

It Always Ends The Same 02:37 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
This track presents a midtempo, light acoustic guitar melody with rich string accompaniment.

Photographers now go way beyond the simple, static photo on a page, maybe in an album. They can also be video masters, recording the entire event live while taking still shots. Or they may use their still photos to create a moving sentimental masterpiece in the form of a photo montage on video. Today's photographers have a feel for their audience and what they want, and they have a wide variety of tools available to give that to them.

But photographers are also small business owners, and sometimes, while they may want to give their clients the world, it's financially impossible. Nicer albums cost money, and with too much of a markup the clients may decide they can settle for the less expensive albums, leaving a photographer with hundreds of unprofitable photo albums. It's difficult to cut corners on film, since lower-quality film often means lower quality photos. A photographer can try to restrict a client to a certain number of rolls shot at any given occasion, but this could also mean that he misses the subtlest or most important moments.

Royalty free music for photographers, also referred to as "buyout music," is an excellent avenue through which any photographer can build a music library of high-quality, professional arranged and produced tracks for any application or occasion. Adding a buyout music catalog to your library allows you a far greater range of scoring choices without the legal and financial obligation of copyrighted music. Rather than underscoring videos with low-quality tracks, use high-quality piano, acoustic guitar, and new age selections for soundtrack combinations that are uniquely your own.

And, since there are no payment obligations beyond the initial purchase price, royalty free music for photographers can be used for any number of videos or other applications. Offer short wedding video soundtrack CDs to your clients, use the tunes as your on hold music, or even play them as background music in your photographer's studio. Use your imagination!

Regardless of the application, royalty free music for photographers offers the invaluable combination of reducing overhead through the elimination of pay-per-play costs while enhancing mood, memory, and connection with that particular moment in time. Whether background music, production music, or music on hold and promotional music, offers a wide variety of selections ideal for your royalty free music for photographers needs.


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