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Award Winning Music offers a large collection of royalty free music for iMovies that will perfectly compliment any type of personal or professional project when used as background music or production music for all films. This affordable iMovie music, and even some free music for iMovies in many anthologies features a multitude of genres and instrumentation that will be appropriate to capture the spirit and style of virtually any short movie.

The royalty free music in this vast iMovie music library presents background music and production music for those with even the most discriminating and specific musical tastes. Royalty Free Music for iMovies and free music for iMovies in the classical genre will compliment projects with a specifically traditional feel. High quality music for iMovies by well-known composers such as Bach, Grieg and Lizst will add a special touch to scenes and entire iMovies, whether personal or professional that require very specific royalty free music.

For those in need of royalty free music for iMovies with a more progressive or experimental flair, music for iMovies that represent revolutionary music styles such as techno, rock and roll and Hip Hop will provide excellent background music and production music for short films. Complimentary and highly original pieces of iMovie music and free music for iMovies as unique and exciting as those heard in clubs and on the radio throughout the world will provide a low-cost option for those looking to punctuate scenes with background music that reflects youthful and unmatched style.

The royalty free music for iMovies and free music for iMovies in this comprehensive library offer all categories of instrumentation, from the traditional royalty free music pieces that feature string and symphony orchestras and include resonant violins, violas, cellos, woodwinds and brass, to the more progressive techno or rock and roll tracks of iMovie music with vivid electric guitars, keyboards, electric bass and countless percussion effects.

Featured Music for iMovies

  Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 1 - This premium-quality coTllection of royalty free music will add quality and depth to your production music library . These instrumental production music tracks include orchestral pieces as well as those with guitar and synth effects, ideal as background music, music on hold, documentary music or motivational music.

  New Age Dreams 1 - Strings, piano, acoustic guitar and synth effects weave an inspirational tapestry in this royalty free music collection, ideal as yoga meditation music , new age music, music on hold, film production music, background music, mood music and nature music. This versatile collection is a must-have for your production music library.

The royalty free music for iMovies in the powerful Royalty Free library is appropriate for any kind of movie and will work perfectly as production music for every project, both those for companies looking to create promotional movies to inspire clients and employees, or for individuals simply looking for an interesting new way to enhance clips from home movies. The music for iMovies and free royalty free music for iMovies featured in many different, first rate styles are written and performed by musicians that are first in their respective fields, and have composed Grammy Award-winning songs heard on the radio throughout the world, and music that has been included in award-winning films played in movie theatres across the globe. There is no better way to express the theme of a professional or personal project than through the affordable and intricately developed royalty free music for iMovies found in this deep collection.

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