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December 7, 2007

Royalty Free Music: A Letter to Rick Rubin

Since Rick Rubin, the famed record producer now in charge of Columbia Records, hasn't replied to my email yet offering to help him fix the music business, I guess I'll pitch my Big Idea in this royalty free music blog and hope he someday calls to shower me with concert tickets.

Dear Rick,

Have you ever gone to a rave and thought, "That DJ's not even playing notes on a musical instrument, or even singing. Why did these teenagers pay $50 each to hear him pick out songs?'

Have you ever asked yourself why one of the greatest selling CDs of all time was nothing more than a mix tape of already-released Beatles songs?

Have your realized yet how Web 2.0 could empower a generation of "celebrity tastemakers" to sign bands and assemble hit records for you?

That's right, Rick. Somewhere out there is a kid with the perfect mix tape in his head. And thousands more like him. This kid has a way of picking songs, (famous or not), thinking of cool album covers and creating "mini-collections" that people are willing to buy.

Given the chance, I think music buyers would get more satisfaction buying a ground-breaking (but legal) mix tape from a creative genius, and elevate that Tastemaker/DJ/Genius's career ...

... than just buying that song they heard on the radio for $0.99.

They want to buy every CD collection this kid ever dreamed up … and make him a celebrity in his own right.

Rick, think of it as empowering a small army of A&R reps to sell hit songs online and make commissions on those sales, sign local bands (even for just one song) and make commissions on those sales, design their own album art, promote their "mix tapes" and embrace their celebrity.

If online music buyers react to this the same way those teenagers at the rave reacted …

It's all about the "tastemakers," Rick. I think I'm onto something here. Let's have lunch soon.

Oh. And Rick, please don't forget to check out our amazing new compilation of copyright free stock music made just for documentary filmmakers looking for that rustic vibe. Documentary Essentials Vol. 1: The Great Outdoors (#RFM1656).
Posted 6 years, 11 months ago on December 7, 2007
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