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January 11, 2008

Interview with Ray Yates, founder of stock music website,

Last week we joined forces with Flying Hands Music, an absolutely splendid 39-CD collection of royalty free stock music. Recently I spoke to founder Ray Yates about the history of his company and wanted to share his words here.

Originally founded in 1993 by musicians Ray Yates and Brian Curella, Flying Hands Music realized there was a lot of low-quality [royalty free] music out there and from the beginning decided to focus on making a better quality product line. Says Yates:

"Our first CD Flying Hands (AV Series Vol. 1) will always have a special place in my heart, but Mystic Journey (Special Edition Vol. 6) is my favorite. Written by Michael Ferenci, it is essentially an entire action adventure film score. The music is character based in that musical themes introduce the villain, hero, comic sidekick and heroine. The themes recur throughout the score in many different contexts: mystery; suspense; battle; suspense; comedy; love; betrayal; grief and finally triumph."

"In 1999 ... we built new offices and recording studio. The studio and mastering suite were excellent sonically making it a joy to work in. The string quartet recordings were some of my favorite. I did nearly all of the mastering for the library over the years. Mastering the Mystic Journey stock music CD was a challenge in that I was trying to get the big sound of a Hollywood film rather than an orchestral recording. I think I achieved that."

Indeed he did. Check out Ray's work on the Mystic Journey CD at
Posted 6 years, 9 months ago on January 11, 2008
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