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August 3, 2007

Buyout Music vs. License Music: Can you tell the difference

Ever hear this old saying? "We can do it fast, we can do it inexpensively, and we can make it good … pick two."

I think we picked the right two when we created our CD collections ofroyalty free classical music, royalty free piano music, and music for websites.

This past Saturday I attended a class on using audio in Apple's Final Cut 6. The class was given by Chris Meyer, co-author of "After Effects in Production" (available at Chris gave a terrific overview of music licensing do’s and don’t’s (i.e. iTunes downloads do NOT come with an automatic sync license), but I was reminded again of misconceptions about the quality of "royalty free" music vs. license music Yes, the rights granted along with a royalty free license are the most low-maintenance around. That’s a big win for media producers at every level. And yes, the budgets involved are less than Sony records pays it’s artists, but when dealing with creative people, it’s not just about economics and terms of use. The truth is, many of our musicians work full-time on TV commercials, major label records, video game titles and movie soundtracks. Luckily for us, those projects tend to be high-pressure and time sensitive. Furthermore, the musician plays a smaller role in a larger tapestry. Between those projects, many artists naturally seek out projects with a "more relaxed pace" and "more creative autonomy." That’s where we come in. Our production schedule allows artists the breathing room they need to do what often turns out to be their best work. And I think that’s the best kept secret about royalty free production music. If Catherine Zeta Jones can do phone ads …

To prove my point, stay tuned next month for a hip hop CD featuring 10 tracks composed by Dru Castro. Dru keeps busy writing for the likes of Fergie, Jamie Foxx and India.Arie. You won't find these tracks on iTunes, mind you. Only here at your friendly neighborhood music library -- that is royalty free music library.
Posted 7 years, 3 months ago on August 3, 2007
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