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The MIDI Files found on this page are owned and copyrighted by

These MIDI Files may be used in conjunction with educational or personal not-for-profit projects and programs at no cost.

Those that want to use these MIDI Files in for-profit projects are required to purchase and license the music from

Royalty Free offers an array of royalty free music and free music in many different types of formats that can be used as production music, source music or background music for those that require unconventional music formats in order to play their music.

For those professionals and businesses that would benefit from the addition of royalty free music in the form of MIDI files, they are available for purchase, for some of the tracks contained in the royalty free music catalog of Award Winning Music.

The free MIDI files and free music featured come in a variety of musical styles, from classical and jazz to more progressive and contemporary genres such as rock and roll and even some techno and dance . These MIDI files are of the best sound quality and represent selections of royalty free music that have been performed and composed by skilled musicians, then turned into free MIDI files by experts that understand the intricacies of each selection and have kept the original musical integrity and richness of each piece of music.

For those clients interested in purchasing the MIDI file for one of these specific tracks, please contact with all pertinent information.

Pro Tools files are also available for a few of the royalty free music tracks, and can be obtained by contacting Award Winning Music.

These tracks are to be used for personal projects only, and those using them must give credit to by linking to the website. MIDI files that are to be used in for-profit projects must be purchased from the music library.

Award Winning Music offers the following free MIDI files:

Dance Forever

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Featured Tracks:

Safari Sundown 04:09
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Found on the following albums:
Production Music Themes - Safari Sundown
Valentines Music
Acoustic / Guitar Volume I
Production Music Themes - Volume 1
Acoustic Music - Volume 2
Network News Suite 03:21
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Found on the following albums:
Essential Post Production Collection - 5 CDs
Ultimate Post Production Collection - 10 CDs
Media Essentials Kit - 5 CDs
Media Producer Kit - 10 CDs
Documentary, Film, Television, General Production - Volume 1
Corporate Presentation - Volume 1
Royalty Free News Themes
Web Video Soundtracks Vol. 2: Just The Facts
Hey Dawg 03:41
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Found on the following albums:
Hip-Hop / Urban


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