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  Mystic Meditation -

Relaxing, mind-opening sounds, perfect for meditation music and hypnosis music, come together in Mystical Meditation , an album of royalty free audio . These beautifully performed, high-quality recordings are certain to create the ideal atmosphere for your clients or class.

The album opens with "Drone Boy", a tune inspired by traditions of the East, with sitar, piano and electronic effects. The sound of distant birds is heard at one point, as the music swells and recedes. It's a reflective, expansive piece, perfect for letting the mind wander into new realms and ideal for use as hypnosis music.

Tentative piano and soulful strings give a meandering inflection to "Meditate Grandpa". Various sound effects create a picturesque atmosphere in this meditation music track. The sound of wind could be the passage of time, or it might be your aural vantage point, atop a high plateau, from where your view is limitless.

Cymbals, ambient electronic sound and industrial effects create a rich audio palate for exploration of your inner regions in "Pancake Brain." Rather than flatten your gray matter, though, this piece will serve to fire it up!

In "Bisque Pimp", electronic swells are intertwined with piano, chimes and sound effects to create a serene atmosphere, one in which the psychic mist swirls with color and new shapes reveal themselves.

Shimmery and tranquil, the album's next piece uses Eastern influences to create a transcendent yet imaginative mood. Electronic sounds combine in low and high registers to create a mellow blending, crystal clear and resonant in "Millipede of the Mystic Bottle."

In the more energetic track "Liquid Eye" Eastern instrumentation joins with electronic effects and didgeridoo to create an active, searching, yet thoughtful mood. It's a rich tapestry of sound from around the world.

In the next piece, soothing sounds of chimes, flutes and ambient swells, join with the rhythm of crashing waves. "Peace Eggplant" is a wonderful meditation music track to lay back and let yourself float on.

Dark, evolving, suspenseful with light dancing notes to brighten the low tones, "Greasy Drama and the Def Quiver" is an exciting track of discovery and tension, full of possibilities.

A variety of flutes and didgeridoo next combine to create a tribal, unearthly sound in "Serene Ferret", as if these eerie strains, played around a fire at night, were calling down the stars. It's a hypnosis music track to let your imagination roam and your spirit soar.

In "This Old Legion", sounds of the dark play out, restless and layered. Ambient tones and electronic effects combine to deliver the creatures you hear outside your jungle tent, the crickets, birds and varied rustlings of a rich, nighttime world, out of your visual sight, but not your inner one.

This album of royalty free music is ideal for expanding the possibilities in mediation and hypnosis sessions. It is broadcast-quality and ready for immediate download and unlimited use!

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