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Media Classes

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Media classes across the country and around the world offer state of the art courses that deal with a diverse cross section of film, television and video production. As a result of the ongoing royalty obligations which are required if commercially produced, royalty based music is used in these projects, media classes are using royalty free music in conjunction with these projects.

Music for Media Classes

  Hip-Hop/Techno/Dance/Salsa - This eclectic collection of stock music brings together dance styles with salsa, hip hop and techno in 12 premium quality recordings. Use these sound clips as background music for websites and multimedia projects or as production music for film, video and TV.

  Rock and Roll - Blazing rock music royalty-free comes together on this collection, providing powerful edge and a variety of choices for background music, production music or slideshow music. Engage and energize audiences with these high-octane sounds that are sure to get their attention!

Award Winning Music works in conjunction with schools and universities to accommodate the needs of their media classes. Professors and instructors who facilitate the media classes at various institutions of learning frequently interface with the staff at Award Winning Music for creative musical suggestions that will assist with their various projects.

Additional Applications of our Music Beyond Media Classes

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