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Best Podcast Soundtracks '08

From lighthearted comical themes to emotionally expressive scores to revved-up rock anthems, this broadcast music library has tunes to fit any podcast or web project. Whether you are launching a new podcast or looking for royalty free music for websites, this collection has everything you need for your online world.

Loop Compilation

This compilation of 118 royalty free loops influenced by many different musical styles can be used as background music and production music in many professional projects, including films, television programs, documentaries and events such as corporate dinners and awards ceremonies.

Best Powerpoint Music of '06

Sophisticated and engaging, this compilation of royalty free instrumental tunes is ideal as presentation music, slideshow music, corporate music or Powerpoint music . From jazz to electronica, these tracks will add dimension and professionalism to any project or environment.

PowerPoint Music Vol. 2: Bold New Ideas

The title of this royalty free music collection fittingly describes this PowerPoint presentation music with vibrant guitar lines, resonant keyboards and inspiring percussion effects that will make excellent background music for a variety of projects and productions. Professionals seeking background music to add to an eclectic royalty free music library of modern, cutting-edge music designed to make great PowerPoint presentation music for many occasions need look no further than this comprehensive album.

Background Music for the Digital Age

Relax and engage your listeners/viewers with this rich collection of royalty free tracks, perfect for use as background music , slideshow music, Powerpoint music , presentation music or as music on hold. Background Music for the Digital Age creates a wall of soothing sounds, using a variety of electronic instrumentation.

Rock Loops Vol. 2

A variety of rock styles, from melodic to metal, drive this royalty free music collection. Use these music clips as film/video/television production music or as music for websites and give a youthful edge to your project. No online music library should be without the variety and energy of these tracks.

Retro Funk Loops 2

Professionals looking for royalty free music that emulates the great sounds of funk theme music will find tracks that fit their specifications with this specialized album of royalty free music. These music loops will make perfect theme music for innovative presentations that need the bass and guitar sounds found in the most beloved funk and R & B songs and can be used as production music for a wide range of projects.

Sentimental Loops

Do you like walks through the park and candlelit dinners? Royalty Free Music offers a specialized album full of stock music for the sentimental person or projects. Show your childhood photos to your kids or get your boss to shed a tear as you present them last month's inventory control. Go ahead and be schmaltzy. We wont tell.

Rock Loops Vol. 4

Get a great variety of rock music sound clips for your online music library with this stock music collection. Use as production music for your film or video or create Flash loops to use as music for websites. Whatever the application, these download royalty-free music tracks will amp up the energy!

Rock Loops Vol. 1

Make your projects scream with the help of this exclusive Royalty Free Music album. Edgy guitars and funky drums are the main ingredients to this production mayhem. Buyout music from Rock Loops Volume 1 is so good it will leave your fans shrieking but without the dangers of a mosh pit.

Suspense & Drama Loops Vol. 1

Royalty Free Music has compiled seventeen loops and underscores that will greatly enhance your projects. A combination of two different emotions, these buyout music loops are ideal for a lot of presentations, especially just before and after informing your boss why she shouldn't be mad after you hit her car in the parking lot.

Suspense & Drama Loops Vol. 2

More than twenty production music pieces have been compiled by Royalty Free Music to give you the second installment of the "Suspense and Drama Loops" series. These pieces of buyout music are perfect to accompany a variety of scenes and projects. With the inclusion of underscores, you can also design your very own unique mix.

Music Loops for Video Games 2

These gorgeous, classical tracks of royalty free soundtrack music are perfect for use as production music, background music or for a video game soundtrack. Composed by classical masters, these beautifully performed pieces will add symmetry or irony to your project.

World Music Loops Vol. 2

Are you looking for exotic background music to put the perfect finishing touch on your PowerPoint music soundtrack, or for music loops that will really stand out? This album gives you a tour of the world with background music clips that make ideal music loops when used as PowerPoint music for professional projects. Travel from Asia, to India, to Ireland in seconds and take your audience to new places while introducing them to your great ideas.

Retro Funk Loops 1

Ever wish you could hold your presentations in the corner roller rink? Have the next best thing with the help of these carefully selected production music tracks from our extensive music library. Label them however you want (game music, video game music, mp3 game music, etc); these buyout music pieces are so funky you'd swear your Afro is growing. This album is perfect adding some fun rhythm for a wide demographic.

World Music Loops Vol. 1

This album is perfect for adding a nature vibe to your projects. Rhythmic drums and percussions make up the backbone of this Royalty Free Music compilation. The stock music tracks are ideal for panoramic shots of rainforests or aerial swoops of deserts. It's also an appropriate accompaniment to showing your newborn cub to the herd.

Website Loops

As of this writing, there are 4,285,199,774 distinct web pages out there. Don't give your customers any reason to pass your site. Royalty Free Music has compiled 14 stock music loops and underscores that will put the finishing touches on your site. This collection of website background music is the perfect companion to any web developer.

Suspense & Drama Loops Vol. 3

Exciting music for film characterizes this rich album of background music ideal for those looking to fill out their professional music libraries with fully orchestrated pieces of original stock music. Short clips of background music played by a wide range of instruments can be looped over again and again without becoming repetitive and used as music for film or stock music for many other applications.

Fashion Loops 1

Get your catwalk groove on with this collection of royalty free music mp3s , perfect for fashion shows, television promo music or production music for your film or video project. These broadcast quality sound clips are ready for download and are also available as sound wavs.

Electronic Loops Vol. 2

Engage your viewers with this royalty free music collection of electronic loops, perfect for presentation music or PowerPoint music . Up the ante and the energy with these high quality tracks, sure to deliver eyes and interest to your project.

Electronic Loops Vol. 1

Lively and danceable, this assortment of royalty free music mp3s will add energy to any project and is perfect music for websites. You can also use these audio clips for film, TV, video or multimedia production music.

Latin & Jazz Loops Vol. 2

Put some spice in your slideshow music and projects with this collection of royalty-free and upbeat jazzy, brassy presentation music , some with synth tones and all with the right party vibe to keep your audience tuned in.

PowerPoint Presentation Loops 1

Give your professional project the edge it needs with these high quality tracks of download royalty free music. Confident and engaging, these contemporary selections are ideal as presentation music, corporate music and Powerpoint music or as film/video production music.

Latin & Jazz Loops Vol. 1

Get all the moods of Latin jazz in this modern collection of royalty-free music , 10 tracks of various lengths, using synth and traditional instruments. Add spice to your production music library with this album, ideal as production music or as background music for your professional presentation.

Retail Loops

Relax and motivate listeners with this collection of stock retail music. A variety of upbeat styles with synth accenting make these tracks versatile and fun, whether you use them as background music, production music or as music for websites .

Podcast Loops 1

Ready to share your thoughts with the world? We think you are. Let Royalty Free Music accompany you and your broadcast with this specialized album of loops. Keep your listeners glued with totally energized stock music. These pieces of music are perfect for beds while you speak or bumpers before and after segments. This is a must-buy for everybody's music library.

Web Music Gold

"Web Music Gold" is a fantastic collection of stock music for websites. Spice up your site with professional quality music. However this collection has many possible applications, not just the web, ranging from Powerpoint music for presentations to even background restaurant music. Download stock music today!

Corporate & News Loops 1

Upbeat and engaging, this stock music collection of contemporary tunes is ideal for presentation music, corporate music, slideshow music and music for websites. Using a variety of high-energy electronic and synth elements, these tracks will have your audience riveted.

Corporate & News Loops 2

Create a mood of high-energy interest with this collection of royalty free music loops, ideal as slideshow music , PowerPoint music, presentation music or corporate music. These contemporary tracks will rivet your audience and are ready for immediate download and use.

On Hold Loops Vol. 1

This collection of royalty free music loops are designed to save your bandwidth while keeping on hold customers happy. This is the perfect compliment to your Music On Hold phone system. Don't get stuck with using boring music that your customers will remember you with. The range of stock music styles presented in this collection span everything from royalty free jazz to royalty free rock.

Educational Video Loops 1

Easygoing and engaging, these tracks of music royalty free are ideal for enriching your PowerPoint music, student film music or for use as music for websites . Synth instruments, flutes and acoustic guitar add variety and fun to these sound clips, ready for immediate download and use!

Web Video Soundtracks Vol. 1: Electronica

With so many possibilities for presenting information on the Web these days, professionals need to collect a high-quality and diverse store of Website background music to help get their Web sites and other online projects noticed; and stock music presents the perfect opportunity to build large libraries of You Tube soundtrack music and other types of online-specific tracks without breaking the bank. This colorful compilation of stock music with exciting electronic instruments including synth pads, vocal and percussion effects will add a young flavor to any You Tube soundtrack or Web site background music library.

Web Video Soundtracks Vol. 2: Just The Facts

Specialized royalty free music dramatic technological elements such as synthesizers and dark effects mark this album of Website background music and source music that can be used as an integral part of online resources such as Web sites and pages. These 8 pieces of royalty free music convey a very serious, investigative tone and will make perfect source music for science-themed Web sites or projects in need of Website background music that illuminates the themes of research and discovery.

Country Loops

From country-inspired rock, to blues, to sweet acoustic strains, this royalty free country music collection offers versatility and immediate availability. Download these stock music audio clips now to use as background music for film/video projects or websites.

Educational Video Loops 2

Synth elements and a variety of instruments including piano, pipe and guitar create an atmosphere of fun and anticipation on this collection of download royalty-free music , ideal for PowerPoint music, student film music or music for websites. Get plenty of variety with these lyrical sound clips.

Fashion Loops 2

This collection of royalty free music has all the danceable edge you need for your promo music, music for websites or production music for your film or video. Whatever the application, you'll love the easy access of these sound clips, ready to download and use as mp3s or sound wavs.

Orchestral & New Age Loops

These beautifully performed and sophisticated stock music compositions, using strings, horns and synth elements, are perfect for production music, background music or music on hold. This royalty free New Age music collection is available for immediate download and use and would make an important addition to your music library.

New Age Loops Vol. 1

Plenty of rhythmic, synth percussion combines with ambient, electronic instrumentation in this collection of royalty-free music . This stock music album is ideal as hypnosis music, background music or as production music for your film or video.

PowerPoint Presentation Loops 2

Dynamic and high energy, these tracks of download royalty free music are just what your professional project needs to grab an audience's attention. Contemporary and top quality, these buyout tracks are ideal as corporate music, Powerpoint music , production music and presentation music.

Mellow Rock Loops

The relaxing, easy rock on this royalty free music compilation includes moods from the prairie to the sultan's palace. Guitars, hand drums and synth elements combine to create background music that is perfect as Powerpoint music and will add a peaceful dimension to production music libraries.

New Age Loops Vol. 2

These new age tracks of royalty-free music are ideal for use as hypnosis music, production music for film/video or as background music for professional projects or the workplace. They offer medium energy with rhythmic percussion and electronic instrumentation.

Lounge Loops

Contemporary and forward-thinking, these download royalty-free music tracks are just what you need for Powerpoint music , background music, production music or music for websites requiring a lounge vibe. These 10 electronica tracks of varying lengths are a great addition to your production music library.

Flash Loops 2

Up the energy in your multimedia with this royalty free music collection, ideal for presentation music , slideshow music or as music for websites. Using a variety of instruments, including organ, guitar, synth keyboard and percussion effects, these music clips have the upbeat, modern sound you've been looking for.

Flash Loops 1

Breathe life into your Flash loops with this collection of music for websites . Modern and energized, this royalty free music is sure to grab the attention of your visitors. Keep them around and clicking with these premium music clips!

Web Video Soundtracks Vol. 3: Tongue In Cheek

This playful copyright free music collection is ideal for those looking to add Website background music with a comical twist to be used in any funny video that needs a You Tube soundtrack or on Web sites and Web pages looking to exhibit a lighter side. Comedic instruments such as organ, accordion and ragtime piano join string instruments, trumpets and incidental percussion to create copyright free music melodies that are childlike and carefree and ideal for many unique soundtrack needs.

Royalty Free Music presents a unqie series straight from their exclusive music library full of loops. These special pieces of buyout music can be repeated over and over giving an illusion of a never-ending piece of music. Tracks of stock music like these are ideal for web, Flash, or PowerPoint music. These loop music tracks also include underscores or breakdowns so you can mix and match the music to fit your project exactly. When the album is purchased, all the undertones / alternate versions are all included in one reasonable price.