Music for Education

Music education and arts education is critical not only to the culture of the United States, but also to every culture on every continent around the world. The ability for human beings to express themselves artistically is one of the characteristics that separates them from other species, and is the main ingredient that allows cultures to advance, grow and change.

Many school districts throughout the United States have been eliminating music programs as a result of ongoing and increasing budget constraints. This means that students of all ages already playing instruments along with those that would like to learn are losing access to classes like music appreciation and applied music courses like orchestra, choir, band and other ensembles. The fact that administrators are taking emphasis away from the importance of music for education is unfortunate for many reasons. The inclusion of music in a school's curriculum has been proven to improve academic performance in virtually every subject from English to math and science.

Royalty Free Music offers significant education discounts to all schools on all the royalty-free music products available. Everything from background music and production music to video yearbooks and school projects and even music on hold for business offices and other offices across campus are part of this affordable plan. There are also free sound effects, free music clips along with free loops and beats always available to download and use in a variety of projects.

Also offered is the exciting Free Music for Education program, which allows schools unlimited, free access to royalty-free music, background music, production music and music on hold at no cost to their school. Schools that qualify also receive their own page on the site to do with as they please. This free music program allows students, faculty and staff to download free royalty-free music and use it in their school projects or presentations at no charge. The only requirement is that a link to be placed in an accessible, viewable place on the school's website. Teachers and professors of every grade level, from preschool to the college and university level can enjoy the enriching tracks of free music offered and used in any application.

As the concept of intellectual property becomes more widely known and understood, educators realize they must use music with their school projects that complies with all applicable copyright law. Similarly, they must teach their students about copyright issues and how it affects their daily lives. The music for education programs offered by provides an ideal opportunity for everyone to learn about the importance of copyright law and also gives them high-quality music to use in a variety of ways in the curriculum.

Educators are frequently allowed to use different legal parameters than those in the private sector; for example, many are exempt from certain taxes. However, when it comes to using the copy-written, intellectual property of individuals or companies, educators are held to the same copyright law requirements as everyone else in the community. And if they use music with copyright restrictions, they must pay to use it.

If your school is attempting to adhere to copyright law, by using legally licensed music that is of high-quality and affordable, the royalty-free music library at Royalty Free Music, is the ideal choice.

In addition to education discounts and the Free Music for Education program, also accepts purchase orders from schools.

All shipments to schools are upgraded to Federal Express delivery at no additional charge.

If the school has a pressing need to use the music, the music files for each royalty-free music album ordered will be emailed to the school to be used during the interim until the actual CDs arrive.


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