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Royalty Free offers a wide selection of royalty free music for hypnosis that can be used as background music for a variety of seminars and projects. The royalty free hypnotherapy music can be used as background music for any hypnotic presentation, and, will suit the specialized needs of any hypnotist. Tracks on many albums can be used as music for hypnosis for even the most specific endeavor and will make excellent production music and background music for television programs and specials that focus on the art of hypnosis.

Hypnotists working in front of large, varied, unpredictable crowds and those working in smaller and more intimate settings will find royalty free music and hypnosis music for all aspects of their presentations. Compilations such as those within the Euro, Techno, Dance series feature repetitive, mesmerizing selections of driving, exciting royalty free music for hypnosis that will enhance exciting moments of revelation within large-scale productions. The intense, repetitive percussion of this hypnosis music and royalty free music will lure audiences into the spirit of the trance-like subjects being hypnotized while keeping the energy levels high.

Featured Music for Hypnosis

  Euro / Techno / Dance - This exclusive collection from Royalty Free Music is ideal for use with projects that require contemporary and youthful background music. It is also perfect for production music, stock music, and music on-hold.
  New Age Dreams 1 - Strings, piano, acoustic guitar and synth effects weave an inspirational tapestry in this royalty free music collection, ideal as yoga meditation music , new age music, music on hold, film production music, background music, mood music and nature music. This versatile collection is a must-have for your production music library.
Additional Albums

Quieter pieces of royalty free hypnosis music and music for hypnosis like those on albums in the New Age series will lull hypnosis subjects in more intimate settings into a desired state of calm and relaxation, and, will help hypnotists achieve the desired results for their presentations, seminars or personal sessions or when used as production music and background music for all types of television, film and video productions involving hypnosis. The royalty free music for hypnosis on this album can also be used as background music to help assist psychiatrists in private sessions as they attempt to relax their patients and lead them to deeper levels of self-discovery.

If the goal of a project is to captivate audience attention and assist in the delicate process of hypnosis, the library of royalty free music for hypnosis has something to suit any need, no matter how particular and unique. All the pieces of music for hypnosis and hypnosis music are composed and performed by musicians that are top-rated in their field, and, will make a perfect, high quality addition to any music collection.

Additional Applications of our Music Beyond Hypnosis

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