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Funk & Attitude

Groove and moxie come together in this download stock music collection of production music tracks, perfect for any project needing an urban and contemporary feel. Plenty of bass, drums and cockiness make for snarling tempos and funkalicious moves, just the background for your street-edge film, video or multimedia project.

Groovy Funky Beds

Rhythmic themes incorporating sound effects and foley from everyday events including traffic, sports, commerce, home improvement, and more.

RnB/Hip Hop

Add that final touch of urban "street cred" to any of your projects

Nu Skool Urban

30 stunning royalty-free hip hop tracks from the Castro Music Group, known for their production work with the likes of Jamie Foxx, India.Arie, Fergie and more. This incredible collection of authentic hip hop defies all preconceived notions of what a royalty-free stock music library should be.

Big F In Funk

This anthology of special, groove-infused royalty free music offers 40 background music tracks that capture the sounds of great funk theme music from the 70's to today. The theme music in this quintessential set of original funk music highlights heavy bass grooves and syncopated guitars and drums and features full-length and excerpted royalty free music tracks that will make adding relevant background music to film, television and video projects seamless.

Hip-Hop / Urban

This royalty free hip hop collection adds contemporary, fresh sounds to your production music library. A variety of hip hop styles come together on this collection, making it ideal for music for websites or production music for film, video, TV or commercials.


This eclectic collection of stock music brings together dance styles with salsa, hip hop and techno in 12 premium quality recordings. Use these sound clips as background music for websites and multimedia projects or as production music for film, video and TV.


Get a variety of royalty free beats in varying tempos and styles with this anthology, ideal for background music and production music needs. With 81 tracks, producers get plenty to choose from in this collection, ready for immediate download and use.

Hip Hop Nation

This eclectic collection of royalty free hip hop music represents the many influences on the style, delivered with synth and electric instrumentation. Latin and breakbeat joins with other variations to create an important addition to your production music library, perfect for use in professional and broadcast projects with a young, active vibe.

Urban Vision

10 royalty free music tracks reflect the urban side of pop music with edgy guitar effects added to melodic passages, piano, a variety of synthesizer and percussion effects along with driving beats. These background music tracks range from mid- to up-tempo and are perfect for use in films and television projects that need the distinctive pop sound with a little extra attitude.

Fun Fresh & Funky

Fun, Fresh & Funky is a collection of royalty free music that will amp up the energy and attitude in your professional presentation, website or film/video background music. Using electronic compositions, synth, snappy percussion and plenty of effects, this collection of download stock music will revitalize and engage your audience.

Power Funk

This top quality collection of traditional funk, delivered as royalty free audio, is download stock music you can use instantly! Ideal for background music and a must for your production music library, Power Funk contains all the grooves needed for your film, television show, website or multimedia production.

Urban Wings

The sounds of the streets come alive with hip hop, jazz and funk in these 88 royalty free hip hop tracks, perfect to follow the action of the neighborhood as friends, rivals and urban rhythms come together in cityscapes that never sleep. Add an urban edge to your projects with this stock music collection.

Urban 1

The culmination of our extensive royalty free urban music collection is found in this exclusive Royalty Free Music album. With a wide range of styles, these production music tracks range from smooth, relaxed contemporary R&B to aggressive grooves that will definitely get your Escalade bouncing as you cruise the streets of Atlanta trying to sell your beats.

Urban 4

Royalty Free Music presents 10 tracks of production music that will definitely make your audience groove to the beat. These pieces of buyout music were specifically selected to attract a younger crowd with a target demographic between 18 to 34 years old. This album contains a variety of genres like hip-hop, R&B, and rap.

Urban 5

These tracks of royalty free background music are definitely a representation of what's currently dominating the Billboard Charts. This collection of stock music is ideal for film and television projects like club scenes or underground dealings. Have your works jump and move with the help of this exclusive Royalty Free Music compilation.

Urban 6

Remember the Eighties? Parachute pants, green hair gel, and people learning how to use synthesizers. Go back to that era with the help of this special collection from Royalty Free Music. Production music such as these will definitely give your projects an almost retro feel. If you want to bring Punky Brewster back in your life, that's your choice.

Urban 7

Are you aiming to attract more of the younger demographic? Is your project based on youthfulness or teens? Royalty Free Music presents the seventh installment to the "Urban" series that includes 10 more production music tracks that will shake the room. Enhance your projects using aggressive beats that'll definitely give you street credit.

Urban 9

This special collection from Royalty Free Music includes music that is targeted to an even younger demographic: kids. These pieces of buyout music feature urban beats fused with children's music to create a style that is danceable but not as aggressive as club music. Imagine the music Grimace listens to when he gets down on it.

Urban Hip-Hop 2

This collection of buyout music will surely add some groove into your projects. These pieces are ideal for adding that finishing touch that will attract a wide demographic, especially the youth. This compilation is perfect for projects film and television. Get grooving with this Royalty Free Music album before they catch you on your Segway.

The new compilation of Hip-Hop/Urban royalty free music presented by Award Winning Music includes tracks created with the pulse of today's young generation in mind. The downloadable royalty free music in this collection emulates the innovative and stylish beats of today's hottest musicians, and works perfectly as background music for urban pieces or as tracks to create raps. The specialized sounds of the Hip-Hop/Urban royalty free music offered is both versatile and stylish, ideal for use as production music or as background music for most modern, progressive artistic projects. This album of royalty free music showcases the expert musicianship of Hip-Hop artists that have performed with some of today's most well known, main stream, Hip-Hop acts. The Hip-Hop/Urban series of royalty free music is a wonderful resource for those that need premium instrumental hip-hop music to add depth to their diverse projects.