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Free —Royalty Free Music, for use in Junior High School.

A young person's success in school and society depends on the development of an array of abilities, and junior high school is a critical time for students to learn, practice and implement mental and emotional skills that will define the rest of their lives. Research shows that proficiencies learned by middle school and junior high school students through the discipline of music in particular, transfer to study skills, communication skills, and cognitive skills useful in every part of their educational and social lives. Students that listen to music and participate in musical groups and applied musical study foster their own emotional growth and develop understanding and expertise equal to and distinctive from that learned in subjects such as math, civics and science. Junior high school and middle school educators have fought to have the incorporation of the arts, and more specifically, music into the school day taken seriously. Music, as part of the school experience, increases reasoning abilities and relieves daily stress, often helping young people steer clear of risky behaviors.

Unfortunately, junior high school and middle school budgets for music and the arts are often small, and, music is either eliminated entirely from schools, or, remanded to existence as an extra-curricular activity. Award Winning Music supports the importance of incorporating music into any aspect of junior high schools and offers a number of special free royalty free music programs for schools with limited budgets.

Schools need music for a variety of purposes, including assemblies, sporting events, closed circuit television, hall music, student projects, presentations within the school, and any other aspects of the curriculum. High quality free royalty free music can save junior high school and middle schools thousands of dollars in royalty payments to music artists, composers, publishers, performing rights organizations, or other copyright owners. Award Winning Music is pleased to offer an outstanding variety of free royalty free music for school projects that do not generate revenue. Teachers and school administrators must simply complete the application provided here on behalf of their school, and qualification guidelines for this free royalty free music service will be sent to applicants. The free royalty free music programs cater to the particular needs of a variety of school districts and the individual needs of junior high schools and middle schools around the world.

The royalty free music and sound effects provided by Award Winning Music have been performed by leading musicians that have received gold and platinum awards for their work within the music industry. The eclectic royalty free music library offers many genres of music, from classical symphonic, to the contemporary type of urban music many young people are playing and listening to today. All the music is entirely instrumental and contains no lyrics.

Numerous junior high schools and middle schools have already chosen to incorporate free royalty free music into their daily routine, and have been pleased with how it has enhanced the educational experience of students, teachers and administrators. For those junior high schools in need of quality, specialized royalty free music, Award Winning Music is the provider of choice.

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