Higher Education

Universities and colleges are sanctuaries for young adults and professors to engage their minds in rigorous academic work and invaluable self discovery and growth. They are often considered the places where students begin to determine their own identities and decide what their life-long careers and plans will be as they mature into responsible and self-directed adults. Music is a large part of both the academic and social aspects of college and universities, and even students that do not decide to study music academically in order to begin a professional career either listen to it on a daily basis or perform in a variety of music groups as a compliment to their educational experience. Music is invaluable to enhancing a college student's learning experience, as both musicians and listeners have to constantly adjust decisions on elements such as tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing and feeling --- a process that can train the brain to become very good at the multi-tasking necessary to succeed in the rigorous and intricate world of higher education.

Since colleges and universities are often like small, or large, cities. There are countless uses for music throughout the campus. But like any public or private elementary, junior high or high school, colleges and universities often have strict budgets that prevent them from being able to afford music in all areas where it might be helpful. Royalty Free Music supports the importance of incorporating music into any aspect of university and college life and offers a number of special free royalty-free music programs for universities and colleges.

Campus life. Royalty Free Music is pleased to offer an outstanding variety of free royalty-free music for all types of projects, provided that they do not bring direct revenue to the college or university. Faculty and staff must simply complete the application provided here on behalf of their university or college, and qualification guidelines for this free royalty-free music service will be sent to applicants. The free royalty-free music programs cater to the particular needs of both small and large universities and colleges around the world.

The free royalty-free music and sound effects provided by Royalty Free Music have been performed by leading musicians that have received gold and platinum awards for their work within the music industry. The royalty-free music library offers many genres of music, from classical symphonic, to contemporary music of every flavor. All the music is entirely instrumental and contains no lyrics, giving it a uniqueness unrivaled by the music provided by other free royalty-free music companies.

Many colleges and universities have chosen to incorporate free royalty-free music into their programs, and have been pleased with how it has enhanced the quality of life among their faculty, staff and students. For those universities and colleges in need of quality, specialized royalty-free music, Royalty Free Music is the provider of choice.

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