Early Education

The importance of establishing developmentally supportive, educationally diverse and interactive daycare centers and preschools for pre-kindergarten children has become evident as more working single-parent families have emerged and more parents in dual-parent households have chosen to both work outside the home. Similarly, an increasing number of studies have shown how vital these early stages of life are for emotional, intellectual and physical development, and, in the past few decades, the number of early education centers in the world have grown significantly. Research points specifically to the fact that a child's early engagement in singing, music, and movement can help create unique brain connections that will have a long term impact on that youngster's emotional and educational life. Dance and movement to music is crucial to children's development of motor skills and body awareness; but engaging in these activities at a young age also helps develop basic critical thinking and organizational skills that become important as their educational lives become more complex.

Unfortunately, purchasing music for early education programs is costly, and, center budgets are limited. Royalty Free Music supports the importance of incorporating music into aspects of early education and offers a number of special free royalty-free music programs for early education centers with limited arts budgets.

Early education centers need music for a variety of purposes, including presentations within the school, hold music for the telephones in the administrative office, group activities, and other aspects of curriculum development and implementation. High quality free royalty-free music saves early education centers thousands of dollars in royalty payments to music artists, composers, publishers, performing rights organizations, or other copyright owners, and eliminates the high costs associated with building a center's compact disc, record or cassette library. Royalty Free Music is pleased to offer an outstanding variety of free royalty-free music for any early education center needs that do not generate revenue. Teachers and center administrators must simply complete the application provided here on behalf of their center, and qualification guidelines for this free royalty-free music service will be sent to applicants. The free royalty-free music programs address the individual needs of early education centers around the world.

The royalty-free music and sound effects provided by Royalty Free Music have been performed by some of the world's leading musicians that have received gold and platinum awards for their work within the music industry. The diverse royalty-free music library offers many genres of music, from classical symphonic, to folk and all types of contemporary music. All the music is entirely instrumental and contains no lyrics.

Many early education centers have already chosen to incorporate free royalty-free music into their daily routine, and have been pleased with how it has helped teachers and administrators foster the emotional, physical and intellectual growth of their young students. For those early learning centers in need of quality, specialized free royalty-free music, Royalty Free Music is the provider of choice.

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