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free MIDIs Free MIDI files, once the bane of new web surfers everywhere, have recently gone through a new resurgence as the karaoke music format of choice for techies who know their lyrics and can hold a tune. No longer limited in range to sappy, short romance tracks embedded into personal homepages and looped often enough to drive a site visitor nearly insane, free MIDI files have become multi-leveled near-perfect emulations of the songs upon which they were based.

Because the MIDI's capabilities expand each time the technology for audio cards is increased, anyone with a well-outfitted keyboard connected to sound editing software and a talent for pop hits can produce a music library rivaling that of a roving DJ. A quick Google search will uncover '80s favorites like Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax, The Buggles's Video Killed the Radio Star, and even Peter Gabriel's Steam. A slightly more in-depth search turns up fairly recent hits like Madonna's Beautiful Stranger, Dave Matthews's Crash Into Me, or Lit's My Own Worst Enemy.

Free MIDIs Albums:

Corporate Presentation - Volume 1 - This high-energy collection of royalty free corporate music is a versatile addition to your production music library . Use it as background music, production music, music on hold, documentary music or motivational music and be sure to raise audiences' spirits and interest level. Download Album $124.95   Purchase Audio or Wave CD $0.00

Hip-Hop/Techno/Dance/Salsa - This eclectic collection of stock music brings together dance styles with salsa, hip hop and techno in 12 premium quality recordings. Use these sound clips as background music for websites and multimedia projects or as production music for film, video and TV. Download Album $99.95   Purchase Audio or Wave CD $0.00

Sample Free MIDIs Tracks:

Born To Win 01:58 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
This driving piece pairs bright horns with deep, steady drums and multi-textured percussion effects. Top20 track

Network News Suite 03:21 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]
Melodic strings and electric guitar accompany an up-tempo piano line, then slow into a dramatic middle section and grand finale in this majestic track. Top20 track

  [Order Track]

  [Order Track]

But most of these free MIDI files are only available for personal use - a downloader can't legally use them for anything besides their own listening pleasure or a karaoke party with a few friends. What about the wannabe DJ/downloader who dreams of hosting a karaoke party for profit? Or the musician who just wants to sample a few bars of a MIDI? Enter royalty free music.

Royalty free music, also known as buyout music, sometimes includes MIDI files within a standard music library. Because royalty free music requires only the initial purchase payment, it doesn't carry the same legal pay-per-play fees as standard copyrighted music. It's a great deal, but often this means that the buyer pays the same fee for a full-length album of professionally recorded music as for MIDI files. At, free MIDI files are one of the featured resources provided for clients.

Whether free MIDI files, production music, or a full-length royalty free music library, offers a wide variety of selections ideal for your royalty free MIDI file needs.


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