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Royalty Free offers many specialty services to clients, including free royalty free film scoring and royalty free film scoring to suit the needs of the most discriminating producers, directors, project managers and other film professionals. The experts at Award Winning Music will work with clients to design packages of royalty free music for film scoring that will accentuate any kind of project.

Film scoring is an expensive undertaking under any circumstances, and often finding the right composer to suit the very particular needs of a film can be time consuming and challenging. Often communicating the exact message of a film to a composer and having the composer translate that into fitting film scoring music or soundtracks can take hours, days, weeks, months and sometimes years of painstaking work for all those involved. And there are times when popular music or an often recycled film scoring music library just does not fully capture the appropriate themes and messages of a special film.

Music for Film Scoring

  Comedy / Suspense - This unique compilation of buyout production music offers an assortment of tracks, some suspenseful, some comedic and some a little bit of both. Styles include jazz, classical and contemporary, with instruments ranging from trumpet to synthesizer. This anthology is perfect background music for film and television projects.

  New Age Dreams 2 - Soaring strings, piano and synth keyboards create a mood of relaxation and inner expansion on this album of royalty free new age music. This high quality collection is perfect for your production music library and can be used as background music , production music, music on hold, documentary music, yoga music and meditation music.

For those with extensive music production needs but limited time and resources, royalty free music is the perfect choice. The free royalty free film scoring and royalty free film scoring music available from Award Winning Music is ideal and available in all genres and styles, from jazz to rock and roll to classical and everything in between. All the high quality film scoring music will perfectly compliment any type of film, from romantic comedy to suspense, drama and thriller and will sound as unique and well-crafted as it would had a composer been commissioned to complete the project.

The highly polished, royalty free film scoring music offered by Royalty Free enables companies to present comprehensive film scoring packages to potential clients, or use the music for their own projects at very affordable prices. All this first rate royalty free music is composed and performed by top artists in the field that have performed with the finest artists on countless platinum and gold recordings heard throughout the world.

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