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dinner music Dinner music is one of the best examples of the way in which music can add more layers - and even more emotion - to any event or experience. Simple dinners out with the family can be transformed into banquets at Italian villas by the simple addition of the right dinner music. The same sushi bar can assume the persona of quaint Japanese restaurant or chic techno-modern sushi cafe with a simple change of the dinner music CD in the stereo system. Even at home, the addition of dinner music to the family meal can make your same old dining room take on the illusion of a classy romantic restaurant, fun family joint, or charming hole-in-the-wall.

In scientific studies, dinner music actually enhanced digestion and increased health just by being played during meal times. Dinner music can range from the simplest of acoustic arrangements to classical string quartets or even techno and dance - it depends completely upon your own taste and what feel you'd like to bring to the table.

Dinner Music Albums:

Soft Moods - Volume 1 - Soft Moods Volume 1 is the first installment in the Softer Moods Series and presents 17 complexly-textured tracks of royalty free music, OnHoldMusic, or an array of businesses and projects. For any company in need of unique New Age and light jazz background music or music on-hold, this compilation is ideal. Download Album $99.95   Purchase Audio or Wave CD $0.00

Sample Dinner Music Tracks:

Incidental Contact 04:17 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]

Passions Blend 04:26 [Play Sample]  [Order Track]

For large corporate dinners or banquets, dinner music can serve two purposes: the first is, of course, the background music during the meal, while the second is to serve as the soundtrack for any video or photo montage the company may want to put together to remember the occasion. During the holidays, dinner music can include Christmas music favorites and string arrangements, while a video of the occasion may feature similar selections. The use of selections that are similar or identical to the dinner music played during the meal can make the audience reminisce about the occasion months and even decades after it has passed.

Royalty free dinner music, also referred to as buyout music, is an excellent avenue through which any professional can build a music library of high-quality, professional arranged and produced tracks for any occasion. Adding a buyout music catalog of dinner music to your library allows you a far greater range of musical choices without the legal and financial obligation of copyrighted music. Rather than underscoring video productions or large banquets with low-quality tracks, use high-quality piano, acoustic guitar, and string-based versions of classic music for a sweetly sentimental soundtrack.

And, since there are no payment obligations beyond the initial purchase price, royalty free dinner music can be used for any number of additional applications. Offer video clients a personal soundtrack on CD, blend the music into your normal music on hold rotation, or use it as background music in stores, restaurants, and even day spas and salons. Use your imagination!

Regardless of the application, royalty free dinner music offers the invaluable combination of reducing overhead through the elimination of pay-per-play costs while instilling in your clients or employees a warm, family atmosphere that will create and maintain positive feelings about your company and services. Whether background music, production music, or music on hold and promotional music, offers a wide variety of selections ideal for your royalty free dinner music needs.


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