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Royalty Free Music for Department Stores
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Royalty Free provides Royalty Free Music for use in most Department Stores. Department stores serve large numbers of diverse shoppers with just as large a variety of musical tastes; but all prefer a store environment that is pleasant and stress free, even during the busiest shopping seasons. Department store owners and managers often struggle to find music that is inexpensive and makes the store atmosphere peaceful for clients and staff while still inspiring shoppers to look at and purchase merchandise; they also look for music that will be versatile enough to be appropriate for use with their telephone music on hold systems when customers call stores for information. Award Winning Music presents a comprehensive selection of downloadable royalty free music for department stores that meets the needs of the most discerning store owners, managers and patrons. And because the music is royalty free, there are no further costs beyond the initial low purchase price.

Featured Music for Department Stores

  Background Music/Music On Hold Compilation - Volume 1 - Create a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere with this stock music collection, ideal as retail music , hold music or as background music for your film, video or professional presentation. These contemporary and upbeat tracks use a variety of acoustic and synth instruments for a modern and lively feel.

  Royalty Free Christmas Music - Volume 1 - These richly orchestrated pieces of royalty free Christmas music will set the perfect yuletide mood for retail, multimedia, websites, music on hold or film/video projects. Classics such as "Away in a Manager" and "Oh Holy Night" will put anyone in the holiday state of mind.

Background Music Volume 1 contains a collection of beautifully-orchestrated, original royalty free music ideal for use as background music or music on hold in all types of department stores. Patrons that enjoy soft rock and light jazz will be delighted by the well-blended, diverse instrumentation and the multi-layered sound. For the busy Christmas shopping season, Christmas Music Volume 1 is an anthology of royalty free music for department stores that will invoke the holiday spirit. This volume contains festive and classy downloadable royalty free traditional holiday music performed by a string orchestra and will be perfect for raising the spirits of shoppers and staff. For those looking for high quality, royalty free music for department stores at reasonable prices, Award Winning Music is the provider of choice.

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