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Advertising Environments

This collection of royalty free music for commercials is also ideal for presentation music or corporate music . Lush, ambient tracks combine acoustic instruments with synth elements, creating a versatile album. You can get this music royalty free by downloading now!

Best Corporate Soundtracks of '08

Put your best foot forward with the best royalty free corporate music of 2008.  From laid back acoustic jams to powerful corporate themes to serene ethereal tracks, you’ll find everything you need for PowerPoint music, presentation music, or background music for seminars, training videos, websites, and more. 

Corporate Longform Vol. 2

Take the guesswork out of finding the right royalty free soundtrack for longer projects with this collection of royalty free audio for longform.  Unlike Vol. 1, which contains longer single tracks, Vol. 2 contains three sets of tracks that can be paired together for seamless PowerPoint music, training video music,and corporate music soundtracks.  Choose from electronica, new age, or acoustic pairings.

Synergy Vol. 2

Motivate your team with this inspiring collection of royalty free corporate music.  This download stock music album features a range of musical styles, including rock and electronica, perfect for use as slideshow music, PowerPoint music, or corporate training videos.

Corporate Presentation - Volume 1

This high-energy collection of royalty free corporate music is a versatile addition to your production music library . Use it as background music, production music, music on hold, documentary music or motivational music and be sure to raise audiences' spirits and interest level.

Best Corporate Soundtracks of '07

These 8 unique pieces of copyright free music feature action-oriented melodies and harmonies played by both acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers and accompanied by various percussion instruments. Medium- to fast-paced background music will go great with presentations intended to inspire employees to new levels of achievement. This copyright free music album of corporate music can be used as background music with live seminars, Webcasts or PowerPoint presentations.

Soft Sell

Open the mind of your audience or prospective buyers with Soft Sell , a collection of positive, expansive tracks intended to make the listener receptive. This album of royalty free infomercial music is also idea for commercials, presentations and slideshows or as Powerpoint music.

Super Sell

Prime your audience to recognize their purchasing power with Super Sell , a royalty free collection of music for commercials or for use as slideshow music or presentation music. These powerful and optimistic tracks speak of opportunity and improvement and are sure to heighten the impact of your message.

The Studiocutz Business Suite

A collection for corporate and non-broadcast production needs. Includes Boardroom Bravado, Corporate Longform, Technology and Synergy. ALSO - Noisefuel Sounds Of Business.

New Biz

Confident and inspiring, these tracks of royalty free background music are ideal for corporate video music, Powerpoint music, slideshow music, music for websites or presentation music. With synth instrumentation and upbeat tempos, this compilation will engage and energize your listeners.

Corporate Presentation - Volume 4

These high-octane royalty free music mp3s are just what you need to amp up the atmosphere in your retail music or presentation music. Electric and acoustic guitars combine with synth elements to create cotemporary, uplifting stock music tracks.


This eclectic collection of stock music offers something for every mood or season, with jazz trumpets, jangly guitars, Latin/calypso moments and Christmas themes. From action/adventure scenes and space voyages to carefree meadows, these 60 tracks offer plenty of versatility for your corporate presentation , professional project or production. Download stock music for all of your project needs.

Fresh Optimism

Add inspiration and uplift to any project with this royalty free music collection. Use as training video music, presentation music, slideshow music , PowerPoint music or general corporate music and motivate audiences with these positive tunes. Piano, synth percussion and other contemporary effects are sure to lift listeners' moods.

Corporate Presentation - Volume 2

Get your audience motivated with this collection of downloadable royalty free music, just what you need for background music, presentation music or slideshow music. Bolster the impact of your news program or professional project with these buyout music tracks.

Infomercials Vol. 1

A variety of inspiring and energetic tracks, from acoustic guitar rock to synth-accented pieces, come together on this royalty free stock music collection. Use these feel-good cuts as presentation music, infomercial music or as production music.

Business and Industry

Inspiring and dynamic, these tracks of royalty free business music combine electronic elements, industrial effects, horns and drums to create dramatic themes, ideal for background music, corporate music, presentation music and news music. Engage listeners and employees with these downloadable tracks.

Bright Ideas

Easy listening, light techno and country-inspired power pop combine in this royalty free music collection, ideal as presentation music, slideshow music or corporate music . A great library music addition!

Organic Pulse

Easy acoustic guitar is joined by light synth percussion on this collection of upbeat and positive royalty-free mp3s. This stock music is perfect for slideshow music, multimedia music and a variety of corporate music uses. You can download royalty-free music now for immediate use!


The 10 lush, fully orchestrated musical themes in this volume of royalty free music offer layers of different instruments that create an uplifting range of melodies and harmonies perfect for building team spirit and a sense of camaraderie among the members of any team. These background music tracks in contemporary yet classy musical styles ranging from classical to rock will reinforce company ideals and make a great addition to any professional music library.

Science 1

These pieces of production music are as exciting as the presentations of technological advancements that they are meant to accompany. Royalty Free Music is pleased to provide the flagship of the "Science" series. These ten tracks were compiled from our extensive music library and will assist in presenting science documentaries.

Competitive Edge

Engage and inspire listeners with this buyout music collection, perfect for presentation music, slideshow music , promo music and corporate music. With a combination of traditional and synth instruments, these tracks will build interest and intensity in your project.

Corporate Longform

These full-length, seven-minute themes of buyout music are just what you need to score your professional project, whether you're looking for presentation music , slideshow music, PowerPoint music or general corporate music. Upbeat and expansive, these contemporary tracks will add interest to any type of media.

Corporate Presentation - Volume 3

With a variety of moods, country to urban, this contemporary collection of royalty free music provides a world of soundtrack choices for your project. Use as PowerPoint music , documentary music or background music for any film/video project.

Heartland Acoustic

With upbeat acoustic music that feels like home, from middle-American pop-rock, to Bluegrass, to light country-inspired synth and Reggae grooves, this selection of positive-minded tunes is perfect for your production music needs, opening and closing credits, or presentations . Open chords abound in this collection of upbeat acoustic rock music.

Inner Vision

Clarity is the hallmark of this selection of slideshow music tunes, focusing on high energy and optimism, sure to galvanize the audience of your presentation or film/television production. Download royalty free music to discover synth mambo that brings the party, or try the expansiveness of smooth strings and piano.


Experience the natural world in this selection of production music tracks that evoke epic Earthscapes, aerial vistas and motion across sky, water and sun, with acoustic and electric guitar, some meandering, some with trail-blazing drive. Or move into space with electronic sounds and rhythmic percussion. This stock music makes an excellent addition to corporate presentations, documentaries, and films.

Hot Shots

Get your electro groove on with this royalty free soundtrack featuring future-inspired sounds of action and romance. From free-wheeling road music to themes of chase and suspense, this collection of buyout music will get you and your project moving in the right direction.


Flying Hands

This full collection of royalty-free background music offers themes of discovery and romance and includes styles ranging from acoustic to techno, some with a whimsical approach, others with a more epic feel. Any of these 48 selections are sure to uplift the audience of your professional presentation or production when used as corporate music .


Corporate Music 1

Create a winning soundtrack with this royalty free stock music , ideal for corporate music, presentation music, slideshow music or background music for any multimedia project or website. With a variety of styles, from free-wheeling acoustic guitar to modern electronic precision, you'll find just the music you need on this downloadable collection.

Corporate Music 2

Lift spirits and generate drive in your audience with this selection of stock music tracks, ideal for training video music, presentation music, slideshow music, corporate music and PowerPoint music. These upbeat, modern compositions are sure to give your project the professional edge.

Corporate Music 3

Inspire your colleagues with this upbeat collection of get-it-done tunes. Ideal as corporate music, presentation or PowerPoint music, these tracks will give your project the professional edge you want. Download royalty free music now for immediate and infinite use!

Science 2

These evocative, high-tech tracks of royalty free music are modern and engaging. Electronic and traditional instruments come together in this rich collection, perfect for presentation music , production music for film/video or background music for multimedia projects and slideshows.

Award Winning Music provides three collections of royalty free music for corporate presentations and for use as production music in informative, professional television and film projects. These albums consist of downloadable royalty free music that can be incorporated into a variety of corporate/industrial, motivational and PowerPoint® presentations. The vigorous, complex and powerful pieces of royalty free music presented are perfect accompaniments to visual pieces and help enhance themes of vision, purpose, focus, strength and success. Besides being ideal for corporate/industrial, motivational and PowerPoint(r) presentations, the royalty free music mp3s in this library may also be used effectively as production music for documentaries, network news specials, public television and motion pictures. These high quality tracks fit wonderfully in a variety of corporate settings, and can help professionals promote success and progress within their workplace.