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Whimsical horns, classical guitar, accordion, piano and vibraphone all jump into the fray of this eclectic album of royalty free music for commercials. Give your infomercial music the flair it needs, with this fun collection of background music , a must-have for every production music library.

Nuthin But Upright

Calling all cool cats! This collection of royalty free TV themes has the smoothest, be-boppingiest bunch of upright bass tracks assembled anywhere. This production music is ideal for any project looking to create a smooth, hip vibe. Also great for use as bumpers or stingers.

Playful & Comedy

Drums and bass make a fun-loving couple on Playful & Comedy , royalty free movie music that also works great as website music or for any multimedia project. These good-humored tracks are an important addition to any production music library .

Jazz Moods Vintage

The smooth, classy sounds of vintage jazz come together in this vibrant collection of downloadable royalty free music, perfect for musiconhold or as background music for film, video or multimedia projects.

Liquid Lounge

This royalty free music lounge jazz collection presents piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, xylophone and other percussion instruments along with other woodwind and brass instruments playing gentle improvisational melodies and harmonies in different tempos from slow to fast. These tracks of background music can be integrated into multi-media projects or simply used as background music for restaurants and businesses in other industries.

Jazz Moods New

This eclectic collection of downloadable royalty free music offers a variety of jazz and contemporary blues tracks for use as music on hold or as background music for your film, video or professional project.

Jazz Music 1

These gorgeous royalty free music tracks of classic jazz will knock your socks off. Ragtime, Dixieland and swing are here, among others. Get these premium quality recordings for your online music library now, for use as background music or production music.

Smooth Jazz 1

Combining the sophistication of Jazz with funky rhythms, this Royalty Free Music compilation is the ideal mix of class and fun. This anthology of production music has a multitude of uses, from adding an elegant but lively feel to your restaurant, sparking class in your presentations, or grooving to the beat just enough to not get down on it.

Smooth Jazz 3

This rich collection of mellow jazz is ideal for hold music, background music or restaurant music . Create an atmosphere of quiet sophistication with this royalty free stock music, some performed in the traditional mold, others with synth elements.

Jazz Essentials

This collection of royalty free music will add an atmosphere of easy sophistication to your phone system music or to background music for your film, video or multimedia project. These jazz tracks have had all music licenses cleared and are downloadable for immediate and unlimited use!

Jazz Piano On Hold Vol. 1

This 10-track music on hold anthology presents classy royalty free music tracks highlighting the diverse capabilities of the piano as a lead instrument. Improvisational jazz royalty free music piano melodies sing above traditional jazz combos that include a cocktail drum kit and bass and can be incorporated into professional life as musiconhold for upscale establishments or simply restaurant music to entertain discriminating foodies.

Jazz Guitar

The guitar takes center stage on this royalty free music jazz album that covers many different styles and can be perfectly integrated into any high quality personal or professional music library. The inclusion of both solo guitar accompanied by other instruments and guitar combos singing out melodies in a range of tempos makes this collection a versatile addition to any background music library.

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight is a stunning royalty free stock music collection featuring classic jazz with crisp instrumentation on 60 piano-dominated tracks. The album recalls the best tradition of American jazz -- cool as air conditioning in a Chicago summer and as sultry as the night outside. Perfect music for websites, restaurant music, and more.

Blues 1

You'll get the blues and love every note of it with this stock music collection, ideal for film/video production music or background music. Download royalty free music now and have immediate access to these traditional tracks of masterfully performed blues.

Blues 2

Get all kind of blues for your production music library with this stock music collection of masterfully performed tracks. This anthology of royalty free music for film will add gritty, soulful atmosphere to your background music and is ready for immediate download and use!

Cocktail Hour 2

Add a relaxing ambiance to your restaurant or retail space with these gentle tracks of download stock music. Tinkling piano rules these reflective recordings, perfect for use as background music or production music. Get this royalty free music collection now, ready for immediate use!

Cocktail Hour 4

These reflective tracks of stock music piano solos are a great background music option for hotel lobbies, restaurants and retail spaces looking to create a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere. You can also add this music royalty-free to your production music library .

Jazz Music 3

This collection of royalty free audio is ideal for a variety of professional uses and is a must-have for your production music library. Use these fine compositions of bass, brass and piano as restaurant music, background music or production music for film/video/television projects and keep listeners engaged.

Jazz Music 5

Classic and modern jazz come together on this royalty free stock music collection, ideal for musiconhold or background music. Add it to your production music library for film/video/TV applications, or use for your website or retail space.

Jazz Music 6

A variety of styles and instrumentation come together on this royalty free audio collection of jazz. Ideal as restaurant music, elevator music or as an addition to your production music library, this stock music anthology will relax and uplift its listeners.

Jazz Piano Bands

These sumptuous stock music jazz tracks deliver a variety of classic styles, with the piano front and center. Add to your production music library for use as background music in your film, video or television project and your audiences will love you for it.

Jazz Solo Piano 1

Piano takes the lead in these download royalty free music tracks of jazz. From ragtime to boogie woogie, you get all the hoppin' sounds your production music library needs. This collection is great for period pieces, background music for retail or as restaurant music.

Smooth Jazz 2

Whether you feel that "Smooth Jazz" is jazz music with influences drawn from funk, pop, and R&B or it's just a fancy word for elevator music, no can argue the success it has cultivated the past few decades. This exclusive Royalty Free Music collection adds a suspended, down tempo groove to projects ideal for TV and radio.

Smooth Jazz 4

The stylishness of jazz with added hypnotic grooves make this Royalty Free Music exclusive series of Smooth Jazz production music a very sensual and stimulating collection. These tracks of buyout music are ideal for a variety of scenes such as cruising the streets of NYC or coming home and finding rose petals that lead upstairs.

The Contemporary Themes Series at Award Winning provides five volumes of royalty free contemporary music useful for many different types of businesses and projects. Volume One consists of royalty free music themes that incorporate an array of moods, rhythms, beats and colors and are appropriate for use as production music, background music or on-hold music for many distinctive companies. Volume Two is a compilation of downloadable royalty free contemporary music that is warm, melodic, powerful and driving and is ideal when employed as production music for moving visual pieces and cinematic projects. Volume Three provides a comprehensive, softer-sounding array of royalty free contemporary music that represents many genres including techno pop, light jazz and sophisticated rock. Volume Four is a collection of royalty free contemporary music perfect for businesses that desire soft background music, as an accompaniment to depictions of vast natural settings and scenes, in documentaries, or for scenes in film projects that showcase underwater photography. The final anthology in the series, Volume Five, contains an expressive array of royalty free music invoking the moods of distinctive places and settings, including Europe, the American plains, Africa and the Orient Express. This volume of contemporary music presents diverse rhythms and incorporates multiple versions of some tracks. The downloadable royalty free music contained in the Contemporary Themes series is eclectic and sophisticated enough to satisfy the vast musical needs of even the most discerning professional.