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Dramatic Comedy

All of the great emotions of the theater come alive in this needledrop album titled Dramatic Comedy. This amazing collection of royalty free music for film brings together epic tunes from all aspects of the performing arts, from the fantastic to the farcical. With 44 tracks of movie themes and TV themes, the album offers endless variation for your film, video or multimedia project.


This rich collection of production music themes is perfect for any project needing a classic injection of Dramedy . Is the scene a little mysterious as the neighborhood snoop peeks through the window next door? Something unexpected and farcical is bound to happen, and these background music tracks set the mood perfectly.


Whimsical horns, classical guitar, accordion, piano and vibraphone all jump into the fray of this eclectic album of royalty free music for commercials. Give your infomercial music the flair it needs, with this fun collection of background music , a must-have for every production music library.

Playful & Comedy

Drums and bass make a fun-loving couple on Playful & Comedy , royalty free movie music that also works great as website music or for any multimedia project. These good-humored tracks are an important addition to any production music library .


Get down with your big-mouthed self! Check out Voicebox , a collection of groove-filled novelty download stock music tracks using the human voice as a musical instrument. Snoring, crunching and breathing are just a few of the unusual musical uses the human mouth is put to in this collection of royalty free music beds.

Comedy / Suspense

This unique compilation of buyout production music offers an assortment of tracks, some suspenseful, some comedic and some a little bit of both. Styles include jazz, classical and contemporary, with instruments ranging from trumpet to synthesizer. This anthology is perfect background music for film and television projects.

Silly Stuff

This unique collection of original royalty free music features whimsical, unconventional instruments and musical conventions such as kazoo, calliope, yodeling and accordion that join with strings, piano, brass, guitar and woodwinds. The 10 tracks on this background music album are ideal for very innovative and fun projects that require a very special sound.

Hollywood Suspense 1

These beautifully performed stock music tracks of suspenseful, dramatic production music will add quality and professionalism to your library music. From contemporary pursuit tunes to the regal strains of a royal assembly, you'll get the impressive sounds you need with this album.

Spy Movies

"Ok, who stole my stapler?" As the plot thickens, nothing adds more suspense than a piece from this Royalty Free Music compilation. Various production music styles can accommodate different spies, from gadget-filled inspectors to epic searches for your great grandmother's chalice. With the right buyout music, the butler might just crack.

Comedy Combo CD

Get comic cartoon sounds and music tracks -- from funk to classical -- in this eclectic stock music collection. With 41 tracks to choose from, you'll have plenty of material for sound effects , background music and bumpers. You can download royalty-free music sound wavs now for all your production needs!

Unique Images

This album of royalty free music offers tracks representing a grab bag of rare specialty styles, including Dixieland, boogie, disco, surf and humorous, light-hearted jazz and burlesque. Different pieces of original music feature organ, strings, full orchestra, percussion and vocal effects that can be incorporated into specialized professional projects and productions.

A Romance with Terror

This dimensional production music library combines the haunting themes of romance with those of suspense, and who can deny that there is a natural partnership between the two? Strings and horns work their magic in many of the scariest cuts, while piano and xylophone set the mood for happier times when used as background music for your next production.


Thoughtful and romantic, these royalty free music tracks offer uplifting background music options for your film, video, professional project or as hold music. Strings, piano and acoustic guitar set a positive, forward-looking tone for this collection, enlivened by several zydeco and country rock tracks.

Lighten Up

This joyous collection of royalty free music features a wide selection of retro film and television music, including themes for a comic detective, Russian spy, favorite genie and friendly alien. Latin jazz swing, '60s monster surf and lounge tunes round out the mix. This album is as suitable for your stereo as it is for background music in your broadcast project.

Funny Bone

If your project requires comic background music , this is your album. The best of burlesque, vaudeville and the big top join together with light-hearted mariachi music, some mouth harp and a little bit of jazz to present endless royalty free music variations.

Hollywood Suspense 2

From creepy to regal, this collection of royalty free music for film can set any frightening or dramatic tone. These full, orchestral performances will make a stunning addition to background music and production music for any project, elevating quality and professionalism instantly.

Hollywood Suspense 3

Add mystery and drama to your production music library with this music royalty-free collection of background music, beautifully performed by full orchestras. Strings, percussion, piano and woodwinds create a variety of evocative moods in this rich anthology.

Hollywood Suspense 4

A variety of modern sounds, including funk, rock, ambient and industrial, create suspenseful moods in this royalty free stock music collection, ideal as production music, background music and music for television. Download today for your project!

Award Winning Music offers a collection of royalty free music for use in productions that require comedy and suspense-themed music and sound effects. This downloadable royalty free music compilation presents 40 distinct sounds and pieces of royalty free comedy and suspense music that are appropriate for use in various types of television projects, film projects and radio projects. Tracks 1-20 contain a wide variety of royalty free music for use in comedy productions. Tracks 21-40 provide a diverse selection of royalty free music that can be used in suspense film projects, television projects and radio projects. Those in need of high quality downloadable royalty free music to compliment the mood of their suspense or comedy productions will be impressed by the music and sound effects featured on this special anthology.