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Kids Sing-Along

This rich collection of royalty-free children's music contains everybody's childhood favorites, done in a variety of styles, including bluegrass acoustic, '60s folk guitar, Wurlitzer and Latin horns. Along with the sweet or comedic vocals of kids and adults, many of these traditional children's songs also include hilarious sound effects. This production music compilation covers all of childhood's classic tunes.

Music For Kids

Add a childlike and whimsical aura to your projects with this collection of royalty free children's music. This stock music is perfect for use as production music in children's videos, films, and television shows as well as background music for youth-oriented businesses.

Unique Images

This album of royalty free music offers tracks representing a grab bag of rare specialty styles, including Dixieland, boogie, disco, surf and humorous, light-hearted jazz and burlesque. Different pieces of original music feature organ, strings, full orchestra, percussion and vocal effects that can be incorporated into specialized professional projects and productions.

Silly Stuff

This unique collection of original royalty free music features whimsical, unconventional instruments and musical conventions such as kazoo, calliope, yodeling and accordion that join with strings, piano, brass, guitar and woodwinds. The 10 tracks on this background music album are ideal for very innovative and fun projects that require a very special sound.

Children's Music 10

Light-hearted and fun, these royalty free children's music tracks conjure all the wacky, free-wheeling joy of being a kid. Light jazz and Dixieland join with comic instrumentals to create a versatile album, perfect as music for television and general production music .

Children's Music Classics 2

Favorite tunes of childhood are performed with strings, piano, bells and flute in this downloadable royalty free children's music album. Traditional children's songs such as "Hickory Dickory Dock" and "Ten Little Indians" are ideal as music-on-hold or background music for any child-related business, film/video or multimedia project.

Children's Music Classics 1

All the classic favorites of childhood are presented on this album of downloadable children's music . From "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to "Have You Seen the Muffin Man", all of these stock music instrumental tracks are broadcast quality and ideal for a variety of production music uses.

Children's Music 2

Create the fun and whimsy of childhood with this royalty free children's music collection, perfect as production music and background music. These eight tracks of royalty free audio are performed in a variety of styles using a combination of traditional and synth instruments.

Children's Music 3

Using a combination of zany instruments, these tracks of stock music children's tunes are a great addition to any production music library. Add a childish atmosphere to your background music with this collection of royalty free music for film, sure to bring out the kid in your audience!

Children's Music 4

This versatile collection of royalty free children's music is a must-have for any production music library. Using a wide variety of styles and instruments, these royalty free audio tracks are perfect background music for film/video, multimedia or websites for or about kids.

Children's Music 5

Recall the fun and adventure of childhood with these royalty free music tracks. Children's Music 5  brings together premium-quality, downloadable recordings -- perfect background music or production music for any project that entertains and educates kids.

Children's Music 6

The easygoing freedom of childhood rings out in this collection of traditional children's songs . A must for any production music library, these tracks of royalty free music are premium quality and will add wonder and fun to any type of background music.

Children's Music 7

These royalty free children's music tunes are ideal as background music or production music for any child-related project. Traditional and synth instruments create fun, novelty sounds that kids love. Download these stock music tracks now for immediate use!

Children's Music 8

From a whimsical tango to jazzy suspense, these tracks of royalty free music for children are just what you need to add fun and whimsy to your production music. These download stock music tracks include a variety of inventive instrumentation for your film, video or website.


These 10 tracks present musical themes in the style of the themes of classic game shows, sit-coms, television and radio commercials and classic elevator music. The royalty free music is performed by strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, electric guitar and piano and will make great background music for specialty projects requiring original tunes that put a fresh face on retro.

Award Winning Music is proud to offer a new anthology of downloadable royalty free children's music, ideal for engaging young people in a variety of activities and projects. This volume of royalty free music contains a variety of popular children's songs, tastefully performed and delightfully presented by some of the world's leading musicians. The royalty free children's music in this collection is an excellent tool for early education and elementary school teachers and school administrators looking to add music to their daily school routine; it is also ideal for parents looking to add high quality royalty free music to their children's lives to enrich development. The downloadable royalty free music in this compilation can also be used as fun and charming background music, on-hold music or production music for businesses and projects geared towards children. Many elementary schools have already chosen to incorporate free royalty free children's music into their daily routine, and have been pleased with how it has enhanced the educational experience of students, teachers and administrators. Parents and professionals that interact with children on a regular basis will agree that this collection of royalty free children's music is a valuable tool for engaging and entertaining young people.